Valorant Patch 6.04: Check Out the Complete List of Changes, Performance Updates, Error Corrections and New Agent Gekko

Valorant Patch 6.04 is now available with performance updates, error corrections and a new agent, Gecko.

Valorant Episode 6 Act I presented Lotus, a new map with three pump sites.
Now, episode 6 act II brings an initiator with a team of creatures to the game.
All Gecko’s skills are linked to their pets, and some can even be used several times in the same round, including their ultimate that stops any enemy on a small radio.
Here is a breakdown of all other changes that come with the last patch, according to Riot Games.


Greet Gecko and his friends.
New law begins soon.
-Value (@playvalorant) March 7, 2023

Agents updates

Performance updates

error correction: agents

error correction: game systems

error correction: performance

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