Valorant Episode 6 Act II Update: Gekko, Oni Package & New Battle Pass – Tuesday (07) Release

Episode 6: Act II of Valiant, FPS from Trouble Games, opens on Tuesday (07).
The emphasis of the new great upgrade is the arrival of agent Gecko, who had his skills and part of his background revealed during the VCT Lock// In final.
The and-new initiator, born and also increased in eastern Los Angeles, has and has Mexican roots caught the community’s focus to his package with tiny animals that seem to act on their very own.
See, listed below, all the adjustments that will include the upgrade:



  • DISEASE (E):.
  • Wingman (Q):.
  • Mosh Pit (C).

  • Garbage (x).


The On Skins line will make your return with the new update.
The visual motif of this collection is incredibly popular among the game area, which has asked a great deal around it.
See after that the weapons available, in the order of the video clip:.
The entire bundle will certainly set you back 7,100 VPs (about R $210,00).
Along with weapons, it will certainly also have 1 player card, 1 keychain and also 1 spray.

Fight Pass.

The new fight pass, which costs 1,000 VP (R $29.90), will additionally be offered with the new upgrade.
Among the unique pass items are:.
Shorty Dante.
Timeless gamer card is timeless.
Spray telling the 100 plaque.
Tool Keychain Feline Greats.
Phantom Tooted.
Omen Got Passino Spray.
Player Card Training.
Crisis tool keychain.


See after that all the pictures of what will come on the battle pass:.

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