Korea to Host The Korea-China-Japan e-Sports Competition this Year | Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

The specific time as well as place are undecided.
Last year, the Korea-China-Japan e-sports competitors was kept in Susan in mid-November.
G-Star as well as harmony were anticipated in the very same duration.

The initial tournament in 2021 was kept in Korea.

The competitors were hosted by China in 2022, however it was held independently in China and also Korea as a result of 19 corona scenarios.
Chinese professional athletes took part in China and also Korea and Japanese gamers in Korea.
2023 was kept in Japan, yet it is expected to be held once more in Korea.

Meanwhile, Korea won the first round of 31 factors, and China won 32 points, as well as Japan took third location with 21 factors.
LOL and Battleground won our nation.
Both general champions were won by Japan, which won the E-football and also Hearthstone sports, as well as Korea was rated second in the total runner-up with LOL as well as E-football runner-up.
Assumptions are collected to accomplish our very first total championship this year.

The Korea-China-Japan e-sports competition, which was scheduled to be held in Japan this year, will be kept in Korea.
According to the Japanese scenario, Korea chose to host and organize rather.

The Korea-China-Japan e-sports competitors is a nationwide competition led by Korea, China and also Japan.
It was intended to develop a national group system to create an esports ecosystem that links the specialist from grassroots, promote friendship for Korea and China, and also even more secure the global management of the e-sports’ industry.

An official from the Ministry of Society, Sports as well as Tourist claimed on the sixth, The Japan e-sports federation has actually been challenging to host the occasion, he stated.


The Ministry of Society as well as Tourism is willing to hold the Korea-China-Japan e-sports competitors from the region.
This year’s competitors is likely to be held throughout the G-Star as last year if it is held in Susan.

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