Celebrate 20 Years of EVE Online with a Mosaic of Avatar Portraits by CCP Games

CCP Games can mark its link in an original way with the community of its MMORPG Eve Online.
After sending the names of the players’ avatars in space or having them engraved on a very real monument to Iceland, this time will be a mosaic from the portraits of their characters, drawing inspiration from the works of
Chiba and Azorean.

The result will be presented next May, starting the program of festivities for the 20th anniversary of Eve Online.
The mosaic will also be presented during the Eve Fan fest 2023. To see the portrait of its avatar compose this work, it will be necessary to complement three daily challenges between March 2 and 22.


People who will end the challenges and will be eligible for mosaic will receive confirmation by e-mail in the following days, but be sure to register for the broadcast list to see it.

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