Sons of the Forest: Identifying Map & Screen Icons for a Fun Gaming Experience

After starting Children of the Forest, you will certainly see numerous badges and markers on the map as well as display.
These icons Boys of the Forest represent various game mechanics as well as areas.
We have prepared this detailed management that explains all HUD cards and badges in Boys of the Forest so that you do not have confusion.

cards icons at Kids of the Forest

At the very first opening of the card by pressing M, you will certainly locate displayed indications on the map.
Currently, allows consider each of them and also clarify them to you:

Helicopter symbol

The helicopter symbol is a put on your map where your helicopter collapsed.
He informs you the place of your look.

Blue symbol to

At the beginning of the video game you will locate a companion of Kelvin.
After the helicopter crash, Kelvin loses his hearing.
If you conserve as well as employ it to your side, a blue indication K will certainly show up on the map, showing the area of Kelvin.

Violet Markers

On the map you will certainly also locate purple markers.
These icons show the aspects located on the map.
It can be weapons, ammunition or deserted bags with materials.
To get several of these items, you will require a shovel.

White Markers

There will be several white pens on your card.
They suggest the area of various caverns.
A lot of these caves have materials, such as ammo, weapons, beverages as well as various other equipment.

Environment-friendly Markers

Among all these signs, the most vital are eco-friendly badges on the map Boy of the Forest.
These badges will certainly inform you the location of the following objective.
And also the performance of these jobs will certainly help you development in the plot.
Prior to going to these markers, you are well armed.
On top of that, these environment-friendly markers are a location where you can maintain your game progress.

individual icons

The player can additionally add his very own icons making use of a GPS space.

When hiring Virginia, place the GPS-Locator on it as well as designate the symbol to this locator.
You can track the location of Virginia on this symbol on the map.

HUD user interface icons at Boys of the Forest

These badges will get on your screen throughout the video game.


In the lower best corner of the display you will have a mini-card, which is a short card in a circle.
The card revolves in your direction.

Health and wellness bar

On the left side of the mini-card you will certainly have a red strip suggesting your wellness.
You need to in the close to future seek medical help if it is diminished.

Bar of endurance

On the right side of the mini-card there is a strip of blue endurance, which reveals your basic endurance.
The endurance strip is scaled by four icons above it, considering that these four icons are connected with the degree of endurance.
You have to have good endurance to accomplish goals and also goals.
You must be diminished according to any of the four of the above indications if it is depleted.


The toughness icon shows your strength and also is shown by the biceps symbol over the mini-card.
You will certainly fight enemies well if your toughness icon is at full power in Kids of the Forest.
If your strength is tired, you can restore it, consuming food.

parched badge.

The thirst for thirst indicates the level of thirst and also is an icon of a decline of water over a mini-card.
If it is depleted, you are dehydrated and have to right away approve water.
This bar is diminished extremely commonly.
Thus, it would be better to constantly have a resource of water nearby in order to fill it once again.


Appetite badge.

The component of the leg over the mini-card indicates your degree of hunger.
If the level of this symbol is depleted, you are hungry, and also your strength as well as endurance will certainly want.
You must eat food on schedule to remain in pressure.

Rest badge.

This symbol in the form of a crescent shows the degree of your sleep.
If it is worn down, this means that you are worn down and also should rest quickly.
Otherwise, your stamina and also endurance will likewise come to be reduced.
Take treatment of your rest degree.

Plant display screen.

This message panel is located in the lower left corner of the display.
He shows the message from the game, which says which action is needed now, what you must do.

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