Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trilogy – Experience a New Chapter with Cal Kestis in April 2021!

If Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is published in April, there could be an additional video game with Cal Testis after that.
Sting Asmussen, Video game Supervisor at respawn enjoyment, IGN stated that he wants to make a 3rd part.
Before the magazine of Celebrity Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was considered a second part.
And also at Lucasfilm, the concern was asked where the story would certainly lead and also how it would take place in a second video game.

Asmussen claimed regarding the positive planning of a possible trilogy:

I constantly wanted it to be a trilogy.
Just how can we bring Cal and the team to new places that go past what we performed in the very first video game?
We had a relatively exact suggestion of the moment framework in which Survivor ought to happen, what is at risk, what the tone of the game must be, which would be challenged with Cal and how the staff would certainly contribute.


As well as there are additionally concepts about what we could do past.
If there is a third component, after that you will possibly implement it with the Unreal Engine 5, the Game Supervisor accepts it.
This will not be an easy task, as he states.

I will not state that it will be very easy.
I mean, we have a great deal of proprietary things we have imposed the engine to ensure that she does what she is providing for Jedi right now, as well as we would certainly have to redesign a great deal of it so that it works on every new engine.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on April 28 for Xbox Series X | s as well as Xbox One.

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