March 2023: Netflixs Newest List of Premieres | Find Your Next Favorite Series, Film, Documentary & More

To stay at the top as the most popular streaming platform, you have to constantly update.


Netflix continues to produce content to keep its catalog and captive to its subscribers.
Which can enjoy a diverse buffet of series and constantly renewal films.

The third month of the year begins and, between series, films, documentaries, special and even anime, Netflix presumes an extensive list of premieres so that you do not take off from the couch.
Czech everything new that the platform has for you and select your favorite content to enjoy it during March 2023.
The teacher and the blue music (now available)
Sex/Life: Season 2 (March 2)
Next in Fashion (March 3)
You: Season 4-Part 2 (March 9)
The glory: Part 2 (March 10)
Team survival (March 10)
The law of the jungle (March 15)
Shadow and bone: Season 2 (March 16)
Until the sky: the series (March 17)
The Kingdom: Season 2 (March 22)
Unstable (March 30)
Agent Elvis (soon)
I am Georgina: Season 2 (soon)
It’s you (March 3)
Far (March 8)
Luther: The night falls (March 10)
Did you find what you were searching for?
(March 10th)
The Elephant del Magic (March 17)
The King of Shadows (March 17)
Mystery in sight (March 31)
Boston must die (March 31)
The Da Vinci Code (now available)
Documentaries and specials
Chris Rock: Selective outrage (March 4)
MH370: The Planet Disappeared (March 8)
The climax of the million: the story of Pornhub (March 15)
Waco: Texan Apocalypse (March 22)
Yoga with Social: Volume 1 (March 10)
Fire & Flow: Volume 1 (March 10)
Fitness for runners: Volume 1 (March 11)
Family and children programs
Karate ca sheep (March 2)
Ridley Jones: Season 5 (March 6)
The Gabby doll house: Season 7 (March 20)
And our human?
(March 21st)
My Little Pony: tell your story (March 27)
Barbie Mermaid Power (March 31)
Power Rangers (March 31)
Monotone (now available)
Vinland Saga: Season 2 (March 7)
Natasha: Season 4 (March 28)
Natasha: Season 5 (March 28)
It is worth mentioning that all these premiere dates are subject to change without prior notice.
Via: Informant Circle
Editor’s note: Netflix continues to maintain in uncertainty its subscribers with the latest subscription policies it is implementing.
Some already decided to stop paying for the service, many others have not even received a notice that communicates the situation.
But while deciding how things will change, at least it is certain that entertainment will not be missing.

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