Nintendo Switch Online App Update Enhances Splatoon Experience and Offers Classic Console Retro Gaming

Nintendo Switch online services have benefits such as being able to play with friends online, access to classic console video games such as Game Boy Advance and Super Nintendo, as well as access for a limited time to complete games.
However, some users forget that there is also a cell phone application that can be linked to your account.
While it is not so used, Nintendo tries to update from time to time and just version 2.5.0 arrived recently.


Of the application to add certain minor changes that may like those who use it frequently.
Among the most notorious, it is that users who have iOS 16 will be able to access Platoon 3 widgets from the lock screen.
This is what the update contains as is:

-Now you can access Platoon 3 widgets on the blockade screen in iOS 16.

-The content that appears in the platoon 3 widgets was updated.

-Other minor changes have been implemented.
It is worth mentioning that in some cases this application can be used to have voice chat in certain video games, something that has not convinced all fans who choose to use the Discord platform.
For his part, he warns who of the friends are available to play, having the option to make the invitation to join the game.
Via: Nintendo
Editor’s note: This application promised much more, but in the end almost nobody uses it for obvious reasons.
We will see if with the time Nintendo gives you an update that is really functional for the user.

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