NBA 2K23 Takeover: Larry Nance Lunar New Year Event Guide – Earn the 95-Rated Pink Diamond Superstar!

A Pink Ruby Larry Dance is following up in the NBA 2K23 Lunar New Year event as we relocate in the direction of 5 straight days of fresh gamers.

As a reminder, you will need to gather every one of these takeover players plus the event cards in order to open the Galaxy Opal Yi Jillian at the end of the two-week event.

Below’s exactly how to unlock Larry Dance, the Suns PF/SF, so that your one action near completing the Lunar New Year list!

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Pink Diamond Larry Dance Takeover Card-All schedules and also exactly how to finish

Just like the Shawn Marion card, there are 6 overall schedules to complete if you wish to open Larry Dance.


If you want the card, there are some forced online play schedules here so make certain you’re prepared to contend online!

TT Dunks

Simply make certain the players you select have good rate as well as driving dunk ratings to blow by the AI and obtain to the edge for the finish.

Here, you’ll require to make 10 dunks over the training course of multiple (or one) Triple Reward offline games.

TTO or Co-Op Dunks

Playing on reduced troubles you need to have the ability to wrap this up in just one video game.

Currently, we have a repeat of the very first objective just with a different game setting. Once more you’ll need to make 10 dunks in Clutch Time Offline with no constraint on the amount of games you require to play.

CT Dunks

Successive, you’ll require to make five dunks in Three-way Reward Online or Co-Op games. It’s half the requirement and can still be corrected several matches yet has the enforced online element in play.

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Lastly, you need five even more dunks in Limited games.


Once more we relocate onto an online version of the previous agenda. Below you require five dunks in Clutch Time Online matches and also yet once more, this can be done over several suits.

Limited Dunks

Dunks contribute in all of these agendas, in case that had not been apparent by now. So it will certainly come as no surprise to see that you require one more 5, this moment in the limitless video game mode.

CTO Dunks

Unlimited Dunks

Larry Dance Agendas

As soon as you have the Larry Dance Pink Diamond card opened, you can complete 2 additional agendas for 3,000 XP (1,500 XP each).

Finally, you require 5 dunks with Requisition Larry Dance in any kind of Multiplayer video game setting.

The very first agenda asks you to make 10 dunks with the Takeover Larry Dance card in any single-player video game.

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