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Ancient magic is largely served as the crux of Hogwarts Legacy, but it is rarely mentioned in Harry Potter’s books and movies, which leads many fans to wonder how this elusive source of magic is related to tradition
Here is everything we know about what is ancient magic in Hogwarts Legacy?
Spoilers of the Hogwarts Legacy plot

Ancient magic of Hogwarts explained

Ancient magic is, perhaps, the oldest and powerful magic form and only appears to those who can take advantage of it in the form of traces and whispers. The protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy, guided by his mentor, Professor Fig, discovers these traces of
ancient magic throughout the game.
The origins of ancient magic date back to the fifteenth century and the first known magician who could take advantage of it was Percival Rack ham, who plays a direct role in the events of the game.
Like the protagonist, Rack ham discovered his ability in his adolescence, which led him to his late acceptance in Hogwarts in his fifth year.
Eventually he would establish a teaching career in Hogwarts as his divination teacher while advising the young Isidora Organic in ancient magic.
Rack ham is responsible for launching Hogwarts Legacy events.
Together with his colleagues, he formed the Guardians to prevent the powerful source of magic from falling into wrong hands.


Working with Gringos Bank’s elves, Rack ham built the 12 vault as a test that only those who possessed the ability to use ancient magic could pass.

Hogwarts Legacy events take place in the nineteenth century, an era in which the magical world had greatly forgotten its oldest magic form until the protagonist discovers and overcomes the tests of shelter 12. That is all
What do we know.
What is ancient magic in Hogwarts Legacy?
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