Step by Step Guide: How to Change the Main Location of Your Netflix Account

Currently, the Netflix platform is not one of the most beloved in the world, and that is due to the series of strange decisions that have carried out its managers.
But without a doubt, one of the new standards that people have detested, is the one that will no longer leave users sharing passwords, unless they want to have an extra money charge.
So, before this update is carried out, the company wants to know the main location of the customers, this with the aim of knowing where the account is located and thus remove or block all other sites that are active.


The way to make sure they are making the correct use of the account is by detecting the IP.
Here are the steps you must follow (in case the option of not sharing password is already at all to reach your region).
And also, which is a process that can only be activated by intelligent television or console with connected Netflix application.
Here is the method:
1.-Because the main screen, you have to press left to open the applications’ menu.
2.After entering help> Manage main location.

3.You can choose to configure by mail or by SMS.
A corresponding address or number will be sent.
You have to hurry to use, as it expires.
4.Then you have to click Review application in email or select the link in the SMS, so you must select Review application.
5.We go to choose to configure main location.
6.To finish a confirmation screen on the TV will appear, and we will receive a confirmation email.
Something worth mentioning is that if you do not make the choice of main domicile, Netflix will take the IP that is used more frequently, and establish that address such as location.
Remember that at least in Mexico this rule has not yet arrived, but it is obvious that it will do it soon.
Via: Netflix
Editor’s note: It will be interesting to witness the number of subscriber falls when the plan is carried out: although people can easily fall, since there are new seasons of Squid Game, Black Mirror and Stranger Things on the horizon.

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