Wanted: Dead – Action-Packed Launch from Japanese Studio Soleil

After a shift that ought to benefit the last finishing touches, the action title Desired: Dead established by the Japanese Studio Solar will be released in the coming week.
In order to make the title delicious for you again, the developers of Solar and the Publisher 110 Industries provided the main launch trailer for Wanted: Dead today.
This brings it to a regard to around four minutes and, on the one hand, concurs with the action-packed battles that are awaiting you in the brand-new work of Solar.
In addition, the background story and chosen characters are handled.


the world got out of joint

In Desired: Dead it will be in a fictional future in which the world, as we understand it, left joint.
Disputes and wars around the globe resulted in the classic incredibly powers decreasing.

International banks and corporations took their place that took control of the world.
Consisting of the period of synthetics, which was generally established by the authorities in Hong Kong and is devoted to the fight against arranged criminal offense.
The story of Desired: Dead revolves around the lead character Lt.
Hannah Stone, who took control of the management of the zombie team and has been dedicated to bringing mighty gangster bosses behind grids.
The developers of Solar want to play playfully with the flexible combat system.
In Wanted: Dead you utilize both huge melee attacks and long-distance attacks that you can cleverly integrate with each other.
According to official details, in charge fights in specific will request you and present you with obstacles that can only be mastered with the right method.
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Desired: Dead will be launched tomorrow Tuesday, February 14, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.
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