Andreas Wellinger Strong Second in Lake Placid After Long Time of Suffering: Karl Geiger Also Convinced

When returning to Lake Placid/USA and hardly missed his 2nd coup, Andreas Bellinger confirmed his leading type.
One day after his surprise success, with whom he had offered the DSV eagle the very first win of the season, the two-time Olympic champion once again revealed a strong performance, however second of all needed to be beaten by the Norwegian tour winner Favor Tegnér Garnered (287.6) with 276.1 points
Third location went to the Austrian Stefan Kraft.
Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) likewise convinced one day after his 30th birthday and simply hardly missed out on the podium with 4th location.
Two weeks before the World Cup, Markus Eisenbichler (Beiersdorf/14th), Philipp Raymond (Oberstdorf/19th) and Stephan Late (Willingen/22nd) settled the 2nd strong DSV appearance in the state of New York city.
Just Constantin Schmidt (Obrador) had actually missed the leap into the second round.

in Kiesewetter’s footsteps

The day previously, Bellinger (Upholding) had remarkably won the very first win of the German ski jumpers and therefore made sure a deep breath in the team.

At the first World Cup on the Olympic hill after 33 years, he prevailed in front of Japanese You Kobayashi.
With this, Bellinger followed in the footsteps of Thuringia Andre Kiesewetter, who had won the last jump in Lake Placid in 1990.


A couple of hours later, Bellinger had actually just missed out on the podium at the male’s best in the Super Group competition.
At the side of birthday child Karl Geiger (30) he leapt in fourth place.
The World Cup basic practice session in Ransom is waiting on the DSV eagles next weekend.
From Romania, it goes directly to the title battles in the Slovenian Panic (February 21 to March 5).
The leaping in the live ticker

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