Unlock the New Adventures of Super Mario in a Blockbuster Movie | Nintendo

Nintendo’s fans are anxious because the Super Mario movie is released within a little more than two months.
Bros., which since its initial announcement has launched some promotional such as the toys of the happy box.
And now, a new commercial has come out that remembers ads of the 80s and 90s.
In this you can see Mario and Luigi promote their plumbing business, this while a hip hop song sounds, which is accompanied by some family sounds of the franchise created by the company of Japan.


This is a rather original announcement that the brand’s most fans will like.
See the video here:
For now, it can be seen that this scene could appear at the beginning of the movie.

As a guideline of what our heroes are, just before entering the mushroom kingdom, which is in an imminent danger due to Bowler’s threat.
Remember that Super Mario Bros. The film opens on April 6.
Via: Illumination
Editor’s note: The truth is a very nice announcement that remembers that era of yesteryear where everyone wanted to rap.
Very excited about the final result of the movie.

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