How to Cross the Lava in Metroid Prime Remastered Without Taking Damage

Now that Metro id Prime has a new brilliant remaster, many gamers can try it for the first time.
The game throws a lot of obstacles to new players even during the first hour of the game.
One of the most unpleasant obstacles is the journey to the Magma caves, where the heat is harmful to Camus.
However, after winning one of the bosses of the game, players will be able to cross the lava without any problems.

How to cross the Magma and Lava cave without getting damage to Metro id Prime Remastered

The reason that players receive damage in Magma caves in Metro id Prime Remastered is that their suit is not turned on.
At the beginning of the game, Camus puts on his Maria a suit that protects it from the heat.
However, after Ridley’s attack on the Offer Frigate, Camus loses Maria costume and lands on Gallon IV only in his basic energy suit.
Therefore, players just need to take a suit again before they can explore the rest of Magma’s caves.

where to find Maria suit in Metro id Prime Remastered

To get a suit, players will need to defeat the vial, the final boss of the region of the Ruin Chose.
The bottle can be found in the upper part of the room of the honorarium (it will take some time to rise there after winning all the enemies around).
As for the flora itself, this boss feeds on sunlight.
There are four mirrors around the flora that emit sunlight on themselves.
Fortunately, when the battle begins, only one is activated.


What players will want to do is to shoot at the target behind the mirror;
This will turn it upward, depriving the vial of sunlight, as well as opening the tunnel along which the Camus will be able to throw the morpho-shara bomb inside.
If this is done once, two mirrors are activated, then three, then four.
The vial will not be defeated until the Camus breaks all four mirrors.
Until this moment, players should remain safe and try to avoid the floggers, shooting from a radiation gun.
The victory over the agar will reward the players of the Maria to the costume, which will finally wander around the Magma caves.
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