Explore the Magical World of Hogwarts Legacy and Automatically Assemble Animal Materials from Vivarium at Hotarts Heritage

In Hogwarts Legacy you meet various magic animals, traveling around the world.
You can save these fantastic animals and bring them to vi varies so that they are protected from poachers.
Having taken these animals to vivaria, you can take care of them to get magical materials as a reward.
Here’s what you need to know about how to stroke animals and collect magical materials from them in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Unfortunately, you cannot collect all magical materials immediately from animals in your Vivaria in the Hogwarts legacy.

There is no way to automatically collect these items from animals, which means that you need to manually interact with each creature.
The best that you can do is call creatures right in front of you by opening the inventory of animals.
Here you can see which creatures are ready to give the materials and which are hungry and need to affection.

How to get magic materials from animals in Hogwarts Legacy

To get various magical materials from creatures, you must feed them with the help of animal feed and stir them with a brush for caresses of the beast.
After a certain time, animals will be ready to give their magical material.
You can collect them one at a time, urging all creatures in front of you.


To collect magic material, just stand in front of the beast and click the corresponding button when the hint appears.

How to call animals to Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy

To call animals and interact with them, you need to press RB or R1 on controllers and H on the keyboard.
This opens the inventory of animals.
Choose the beast you want to call and call him in front of you.
Thus, you can quickly collect magical material and take care of it in the Hogwarts Heritage.
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