99): Best Tips for Starting

The magic world of Hogwarts Tradition (from EUR 53.99 when purchasing) is big, complete and large of secrets and puzzles.
In order to make it easier for you to get started with the open world adventure, we have summarized the most crucial suggestions for beginners on the PS5 at this point.

How essential are the home and wand?

Merlin’s exams always work according to the exact same pattern: you activate the stone circle with a load of mallow herb.
Then puzzle components appear in the instant area that you need to complete.
In some cases, for example, you have to use lumos-layer to swarms of glowworms to stones, sometimes climb up over rocks in a right order.

Your home election at the start is reasonably useless for most of the adventure.
No matter whether Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff: Except for a few other spaces and figures, the choice of your home is generally the option of the dominant color on the robe.
Your magic choice or skills are not affected.
Just take what you like best!

In order to open more slots in the stock, you need to complete Merlin tests.
All few examinations will get more space in your stock about the corresponding obstacle in the menu.
To get the tests on the map, you have to stand by the sorceress Nora Tread well in Lower Hogsmeade against bandits.
You will be introduced to work of the tests.

too little area in the inventory?

So it will be more!

For some plants you require new summons for the area of desires.
You can buy them in Hogsmeade-however, they are rather pricey.

How to open the puzzle doors with the animals in Hogwarts

Really challenging are the animal creatures that you can discover at some doors in the castle.
And yes: Without help, these tasks can not be resolved.
You can discover the needed product in near the flea fire on the class for fortune-tellers.
You have to go to the attic to the right and find a niche in the entablature on the.
A textbook side is hidden in a box near the table that provides you details for the riddle.

How to open the eye boxes

Remember to routinely utilize the Sundeck Dauber Revelry.
It likewise shows you through walls where there are boxes or puzzle components.
The range of Revelry can be enlarged later on.


You can buy the magic beet for 100 billions in Hogsmeade in Hogsmeade.
There are also the seeds for 200 billions that you can grow in the area of desires

the area of dreams.

The area of wishes is a crucial stroke for potions and plants, however is only unlocked in the course of the main story by Hogwarts Tradition.
If the room is accessible to you, it is mostly worth producing the Wiggenweld healing potion here.
The necessary plant Distal can be produced at little breeding stations, Column juice obtains from blue mushrooms, which can be found primarily around caverns.

Do your homework whenever possible!
Your instructors frequently give you additional jobs that you have to finish prior to the next lesson.
Finishes this whenever possible.
As a reward, brand-new expressions are wave, a few of which you also need for the primary objectives.

The very same likewise applies to the choice of magic in the village of Hogsmeade.
Just take the stick that you like best.
You can do magic with all the bars similarly well.

Always well-prepared in story missions.
It is worthwhile not just adequate healing potions, however likewise Euros drinks (much better defense from stone skin) and fight plants that select you through the L1 menu and utilize it with the exact same button.

Remember to routinely choose up the rewards for the obstacles throughout the video game.
They should be gotten in the main menu under challenges and the particular sub-items.

This is how the castle crack in Hogwarts works

You just find out the castle cracking magic Alhambra in the course of the primary story.
Nevertheless, just one of three phases of the magic is readily available.
To achieve more phases, you have to eliminate the moons from so-called Demise statues and hand them over to the Hogwarts caretaker Glad win Moon.
The statues can be found all over in the game world-but the moons can only be eliminated in the evening.

The puzzles can then be solved with some math knowledge.
In the middle of the triangles on the doors, the needed result is the numbers to be added.
On the rotatable screens near the doors, animal system signs can be set, which correspond to the signs on the book page.

When utilizing Alhambra is rather confusing on the very first attempt, the Schlossknack-Minis game.
Essential: You turn the two slices of the castle with the sticks.
Get perseverance and discover precisely the location for both sticks where the associated other components of the castle likewise turn.
Hold the sticks in this position until the lock jumps up.

This is how the visual adjustment of the clothing works

You will find many boxes in the world in which equipment that you can create in the menu are hidden.
But they don’t all look truly cool.
You can freely adjust the external of your clothes at any time if you have a preferred appearance.
To apply the transmission, you only need to indicate the slot of the particular clothing and call up the corresponding menu with square.
Here you can then pick the look easily.

In the castle and in the towns you will regularly find boxes with a big club show.
They can be opened by invoking invisibly, sneaking yourself out of sight, and then opening package.

At the start you have actually only opened among the 4 possible selection menus for your spells.
In order to get more space for usable spells, you have to select the corresponding revaluation in the skill menu, here you will find them under primary skills.

At the beginning you have little area in the inventory, which can cause disappointment when gathering victim.
If you stand in front of a box in a dungeon whose content does not wish to be collected, you can destroy objects in your inventory to make space.
It is better to sell surplus clothing in front of a main objective.
This can be done in Hogsmeade or at any other dealership outdoors world.

When is the talent tree opened?

The skill trees are just activated from character level 5.
Here you can enhance your character in different classifications, including dark arts, primary talents, expressions, stealth and space of desires.

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