Thats why the episode in question, Stark Raving Dad, has been removed from Disneys streaming service.

Simpsons has always been characterized by being a series that is willing to make fun of all at all times.


However, this is usually not something that is liked by those affected, especially if it is China.
In this way, it was recently announced that an episode of this show was eliminated from Disney+ by a joke about this Asian country.
According to Axis, the chapter known as One Angry Lisa, which was broadcast in October 2022, has been eliminated from Disney+ in Hong Kong.
Well, here we are presented with a joke that refers to child labor in China, something that seems not to like some people in this country.

Contemplates the wonders of China.
Bitcoin mines, forced labor fields where children make smartphones.
The field of work joke in the episode refers to the mass arrest of Figures, a predominantly Muslim group in western China.
According to the United States Department of State, up to 1,200 internment fields administered by the State for Figures throughout the region have been established.
For a couple of years, Hong Kong has suffered greater Beijing control, so it has been pointed out that Disney eliminated this chapter of its streaming platform so as not to cause any conflict with China.

This is not the first time something like that happens, since 2021 was eliminated from its service in the same region, an episode with a reference to the Tiananmen Square.
For its part, Disney has not issued a statement on this decision, and it is very likely not to do so.
In related issues, more seasons are confirmed from Simpsons.
Similarly, it seems that Hit & Fun remake is on the way.
Editor’s note:
Although Disney is painted as a progressive company for the good of all communities, we all know that this is not true, and the only thing that matters to them is money.
Considering the great market that China represents, it is obvious that the company does not want to damage these pockets, no matter all that this represents.
Way: Axis

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