SC Magdeburg Without Magnus Saugstrup For Months: World Champions Injury Is As Bad As Feared

The reigning German champion SC Magdeburg has to do without his Danish world champ magnus saugstrup for months.
As the club revealed, the 26-year-old was run on Tuesday on the right knee.
The association initially did not announce an exact diagnosis.
The district runner suffered the injury on Sunday in the DHB Cup quarter-finals versus the THW Kiel in Hamburg, which the SC won with 35:34 after additional time.

not the very first Magdeburg long-term injured

The association estimates a downtime of three to 4 months, so Saugstrup will no longer play for the master this season.
It is still unclear whether the scm will be active again on the transfer market.
It is already the 2nd failure of a top performer amongst the Vegeburgers.
Previously, the seasonal out of the grant Omar Inge Mansion came due to the fact that of a heel injury.
The injury also set off discussions about the burden on professionals in handball.
Just 7 days prior to the cup video game in Hamburg, the Dane Saugstrup and its nationwide group had ended up being world champ for the 3rd time in a row.

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