Montan Black Responds To Serious Accusation With Not Lying On TikTok

Just recently made jerk banner Montana black with a short transmission to TikTok, although he didn’t even comprehend what precisely was going on-or a minimum of it appeared like that.
An influencer now expects Monte and presumes that it is to be able to lie to his viewers.
Montana blacking discover clear words about the claims.

Streak is mad with Montanblack: Dinah, not lug, guy

Even if some are unwilling to confess it, but Montanblack is among the most effective Twitch streamers in Germany.
But Monte is not only able to anticipate excellent success on Twitch, the streamer is obviously well gotten by TikTok.


As part of a livestream, he fought a short live battle with an associate and made a big chunk of money within a really brief time.
The curious aspect of it: Monte himself obviously had no idea throughout the transmission how much cash he is in there-or a minimum of it appeared like this.
That is exactly what Streak, an Austrian rap artist with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
In a TikTok video with Leon Marchers, he does not make the name Montanblack clearly falling, however attentive viewers must be clear to whom the criticism of Streak is focused on:

Then there is some… come any Twitch banner come on TikTok, Dinah.
Individuals pump in their thousands of euros, pump in their thousands of euros in and the man doesn’t even do something.
Do you understand?
That annoys me.
He sits down: ‘Huh, what occurs here?
Why is a whale here?
Dinah, do not lug you!

This is how Montana paint reacts to the accusation

Of course, Montanblack did not escape the accusation of Streak.
In one of his livestreams, Monte took a look at the rapper’s brief TikTok clip and after that responded as follows:

Firstly, I am the living evidence that this entire Tikok-Kacke doesn’t itch with the livestreams at all.
Uncle Monte made a Tick stream two times.
When for 10 minutes, once with Abu for… don’t know, 3 quarters of an hour or something.
Everything was taken apart, Dinah.
Was I online again later on, Dinah?
In the further course, Montanblack still goes into the fact that he does not appreciate the money he made throughout his short TikTok streams.
In addition, he once again claims that he would not have asked any of his audiences to donate cash.
In his viewpoint, envy speaks from Streak.
He also describes that the two streams do not make as much money through the two streams as many think.
According to his statement, he made about $1,300, so the equivalent of around 1,190 euros.

The fact is: Montes short TikTok height flight is a thorn in the side of other individuals.

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