How to Get Unlimited Ammo in Dead Space: Tips and Tricks For Surviving the Spacecraft Invasion

When you are aboard a spacecraft invaded by zombie-like creatures that want to kill you, you always have to be careful to have as much firepower as physically possible.
However, even with all those weapons, you will not get anywhere if you have no ammunition to shoot.
Luckily, we have everything you need to know about how to get unlimited ammunition in the new version of Dead Space.

Dead Space Remake infinite ammunition trick

Currently, there is actually no exact trick that provides you unlimited ammunition.
However, there are some solutions for this in the form of an infinite ammunition failure, which YouTuber and the flash kindly shared at the beginning of this week.
In the video, it is detailed that everything you have to do to get unlimited ammunition is to make sure you have the following: a pulse rifle or a linear gun, 5000 credits and seven nodes.
When you have each of these, go to a bank and use all your ammunition in your favorite weapon to create alternative fire mines on the floor.
Then press square while looking at these mines to drop the ammunition, but make sure you don’t pick them up.


After your ammunition begins to accumulate on the ground, and officially you do not have anything in your inventory, go to the bank and buy a capacity improvement.
If he does, he will recharge his weapon, so he will want to rinse and repeat the above to use the ammunition to place more mines and release more ammunition.
Continue buying capacity improvements and pay 5000 credits to restore nodes.
This can be repeated for every 5000 credits that you have, then you can sell the ammunition that is accumulated in the store and keep the rest.

And that should be enough for how to get unlimited ammonia in the new version of Dead Space.
To get more guides, functions and news about the game, be sure to consult all our coverage below.
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