Experience Wemades Night Crow: Pre-Book Now and Get Ready for April Launch!

Remade released the CM talk video of the anticipated Night Crow and unveiled the future schedule.
Night Crow, which will make a reservation in March, aims to be released in April.

Remade announced the pre-booking schedule after completing the launch of MMORPG Night Crow developed by Mad Engine on the 9th.
The Night Crow, which is produced in Unreal 5 and pursues live-action graphics, is set in the middle of the chaos of the Fourth Crusades and the Eastern Roman Empire, which seemed to be eternal.

In the CM talk video released on the day, the overall story and game videos of the game were also released.
The story of a night crow guild and night crow will be unfolded in a confusing situation, such as the background of the game, dreaming of revenge, the ideological prince, the knights that are caught in desire, and the hundreds of unavoidable pagans.

Remade proclaimed the First Crusades War, emphasizing the Latin, the Pope’s Motor Zeus Cult, the god of God.
As it is an expression that can feel the history and weight, Remade explains that you can check the huge size of the game.

Night Crow, which writes a story of the player around the virtual Europe, will make a pre-booking in March.
In addition, Dev Talk, which features the game trailer and the CM Talk, will be released soon.


Night Crow is an MMORPG that supports PCs and mobile cross play.

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