Saying Goodbye To Xbox 360 Store: Fans Unite For One Final Track Before It Closes Its Doors

A few days ago it was announced that some Xbox 360 games will no longer be available, news that has been a reason for many console fans to discourage and begin to buy what they need.
And while all this was already a nostalgic motive, a track that things can make things a little more.


As shared by Reddit users of the Xbox community, an article has been found in which you talk about the video games that the store will leave with its DLCS on February 7, 2023. And there it is added that in May
From the same year there would be nothing that can be purchased at the store, whether games or more elements there.

360 Store Shutdown in May?
This would come as part of some games that are already losing the online section, the clearest examples are the Halo saga.
Since the servers stopped working to force fans to move to Xbox One through the Master Chief Collection.
So games like the Call of Duty franchise could suffer the same destination.

Until now, Microsoft itself has not shared the date of the total closure of the store, but it is possible that they announce it soon.
That will cause many followers to download more possible games inside the store.
It is something similar to what Nintendo is doing with Wii U and also Nintendo 3DS.
Via: Reddit
Editor’s note: It is something that should happen yes or yes, PlayStation was about to do it recently with its third console, PSP and PS Vita.
And the truth, I do not doubt that in a short time now they give neck to those stores.

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