5 Essential Phasmophobia Mods For The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Experience


Are you trying to find the 5 best homophobia mods to include extra taste, more immersion or functions that make your ghost hunt a little simpler so that you can earn the maximum cash?
The only crucial aspect of the modding community is that you never ever understand what they can come up with.
From amusing crossover mods to those who make the video game much more frightening than it already is that they will not be dissatisfied.
So here are the 5 best homophobia mods that other ghost hunters like them extremely support.

the 5 finest homophobia mods

Note: The Homophobia designers have actually mentioned that they do not support mods that change the code of the video game so that they are unofficially Madden.
This is an exclusion of liability for making use of mods at your own risk, because you might potentially lose access to game servers for multiplayer mode if the designers discover out.


Ghostbusters edition
The Ghostbusters Edition Phasmophobia-Mod exchanges the basis textures versus ghostbuster-related.
As a result, you have funny ghostbuster textures for your garage, your truck, your equipment and your carpets.
There are also a few covert Easter eggs that you can find in the ghost hunt.


Scary environment
The scary atmosphere mod changes the audio files of Homophobia to enhance their immersion in the world of the homophobia ghost hunt.
A note about this mod is that he makes the video game noise incredibly loud, so take off your earphones and change the sound before leaping into a video game.
Otherwise, the sound changes that this mod makes.


Homophobia assistant
The homophobia assistant adds practical functions in the video game, that make your ghost searching experience far more available.
The functions consist of:
Contact details
Tracking proof
Development recording
Ghost info
Information on problems
Card audience
Since it is an independent program that runs side by side with Homophobia, this mod is straightforward.


Focus light and dark resilience
Focus Light and Dark Reshade-Mod is a basic reshape that makes homophobia more scary by giving life and atmosphere to the game.
There are 2 versions that you can utilize depending upon what your video game should appear like:
Hell: It retains the initial feeling of the game, however makes the dark locations appear black instead of the washed-out dark blue tone, which is delivered with the initial game.
Dark: It makes the video game scary by making it as dark as possible.
The game is not pitch black, but pretty tight.
The colors emerge more, which means that brightened objects emerge due to the decreased brightness without being washed out.
Two additional functions of this mod are the FAA consisted of, the edges smooth, and chromatic aberration, which makes the edges of the screen appear blurred.
If you don’t like them, you can deactivate both.


Scooby-Doo Edition
Have you constantly wanted to belong to Mystery, Inc. and clarify crimes with Scooby and the gang?
With the Mod Homophobia Scooby-Doo Edition you can do that now!
This mod includes the following appearance-based modifications:
Van in mystery maker style
Shaggy Rogers character
Character of Daphne Blake
Fred Jones-character
Velma Hinkley character
Peace Of Mind Tablets in Snoopy treat design
The list above is not whatever since this mod changes in the video game, like custom textures for the Ouija board, watches, images of fingerprint scanners and a lot more.
Homophobia is readily available on the PC via Steam.
– This post was updated on February 2, 2023

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