Exploring The Characters Of Fire Emblem Engage: A Guide To Whos Who In Intelligent Systems Last Entry

Fire Emblem Engage is the last entry in the beloved Tactical Role Franchise of Intelligent Systems, which presents a diverse cast of characters with unique skills and strengths.


It is an excellent game to enjoy in your Nintendo Switch, and our guide will help you make the best decisions for your team.
We have created a list of levels of Fire Emblem Engage characters based on their combat performance, the amount of progression that the player has and its usefulness in different situations.
Let’s explore the classification of all the characters and what makes them highlight in Fire emblem engagement.

List of Fire Emblem Engage levels

Below is a classification system detailing the Crème of Crème in terms of playable characters to those units that will require much more effort to implement effectively.
Fortunately, unusable characters are few and distant from each other.
Our approach considers factors such as the growth of statistics and the utility provided.
S-Tier includes the best heroes that inflict damage and are based on utility;
while the levels A offer high mobility, scope and damage or utility;
Level B units are unique, but they are left behind their most optimized counterparts with mediocre statistics or other obstacles;
Level C units are characters that are intended to help players overcome the early stages of the game, but do not follow the rhythm of the subsequent units, even in the middle of the game.
Finally, level F units are hindered by too many problems to be consistently reliable.
Ultimately, each unit is viable with enough work, and it is recommended that the players choose the units that enjoy and implement some creativity.
It is also worth experimenting with emblems combinations to see where they align better with the corresponding unit.
As an example, matching Sigurd, endowed with mobility, with a slow armored unit allows them to better position themselves in the front line.

level s

These units dominate the battlefield and are remarkably more advanced than all the following on this list.
Many people would not consider Chloé as a level unit, but with an optimized strategy, it is strongly in the line between level A and level S. its high speed and mobility make it the ideal option to end the units
Enemies before they have the opportunity to deploy, while the rest can cross groups of soldiers at the same time or support their allies from afar.
The easiest way to erase maps is to deploy as many of these units as possible.

a level

The units of level usually have one or two high-level aspects, such as movement, but they are left behind in the growth of statistics or versatility compared to the S. level are their basic characters throughout history,
But they are not all dominant.
For example, CLEAR provides extraordinary support skills, with several game skills that are activated just by standing in the presence of the Divine Dragon, and fogged has a great production of damage with sufficient speed to double, at the same time that it can enter and
get out of the fight.
Fog ado

Level b

These characters, like most others, can work with some adjustments.
However, they have weaknesses in the tool kit, better counterparts or limitations of statistics growth that prevent them from going higher.
While level C heroes suffer from the beginning of the game, these heroes tend to lose strength somewhere around half of the game.
Anna is a key example of a unit that requires reclassification to prevent it from falling at the end of the list.

Level c

These are characters that are only applicable to the beginning of the game or are not worth advancing.
They can be extremely powerful in the initial stages, and it is better to accept them for that.
Wander is an excellent unit for beginners such as the prototype of a second command, but its slow growth rates mean that it will not progress beyond that point.
Leaning too much on it will absorb valuable XP that your novice units will need desperately.
The other level C units have obvious, particularly defensive weaknesses, where a false movement can eliminate them with a single blow.

Level f

Very few characters of level F on this list.
It can cause the following characters to work, but Corinne is incredibly situational, and Bunt does nothing that another unit cannot do better.
Even at first glance, it is not necessarily weak, it is simply not necessary unless it is particularly attached to its design or personality.
Even if Corinne is polished, there are times when fighting.
Essentially, time is not worth it, and there are better options.
That is all you need to know to start using our list of Fire emblem engagement characters.
Tactical combat is always a delight, and is at its expression in this recent Nintendo Switch title.
Understand that each character is completely playable, and the main point is to have fun, so don’t worry so much about level lists!
To get more strategic information, see some of our other guides below.
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