Rainbow Six World Cup Kicks Off The 2023 Season: All You Need To Know About The SIX INVITATIONAL 20

Ubisoft revealed on Wednesday (1) all the details about the Six Invitational 2023, the world of Rainbow Six Siege that will be played in Montreal, Canada, from Feuary 7 to 19, with 20 teams divided into 4 groups with 5
teams each.
In addition to the competition regulation, which ings some changes compared to the 2022 World Cup, the dates and times of all group stage games were revealed.

World Champion in 2021 with Ninjas In Pajamas, azil will have four representatives in the fight for the title of INRI: Team Liquid, current azilian two-time champion and runner-up of Six Major Linköping 2022, FAZ Clan, runner-up of Six Major Berlin
2022 and 3rd place of SIX INVITATIONAL 2022, W7M, current azilian runner-up and semifinalist at Berlin and Linköping Majors last year, and Los One, champion of the Latin American qualifier.
MGG azil has prepared a complete competition guide, with table, games time, competition regulation, participating teams, groups and more.


Check it out below.


  • Group phase: Feuary 7 to 11
  • Playoffs: Feuary 13 to 19

Group phase regulation

  • All games are played in the best format of three (MD3)
  • All teams of the same group face one once
  • 2-0 wins worth 4 points
  • 2-1 wins are worth 3 points
  • 2-1 losses are worth 1 point
  • 2-0 losses do not yield points

Playoff Regulation

  • The leaders of each group advance directly to the 2nd Round of the Playoff Upper acket
  • The teams that ended in 2nd and 3rd places in each group advance to the 1st round of the upper playoff key
  • Teams that end in 4th place in each group advance to the 1st Lower ake of the Playoffs
  • The last places of each group do not advance to playoffs
  • All playoff matches, except the final are played in the best format of three (MD3)
  • The grand final is played in a better series of five (MD5), with no advantage map for the team that reaches the final by the top key

Group A Games

07/02, 12h00
W7m x Elevate
KOI x g2
02/08, 15h00
W7m x G2
Space station x Elevate
02/09, 12h00
KOI x Elevate
10/02, 15h00
KOI x space station
G2 x Elevate
11/02, 12h00
Space station x G2
KOI x W7m

Group B Games

07/02, 15h00
Mm x Wolves
Team Liquid x Songs
02/08, 12h00
Wolves x Songs
Direct wolves x mm
02/09, 15h00
Mm x Team liquid
Direct Wolves x Wolves
10/02, 12h00
Direct Wolves x Team Liquid
Songs x mm
Songs x Direct Wolves
Wolves x Team Liquid

Group C Games

07/02, 18h00
BDS x Cyclops
Astral is x Oxygen
02/08, 21h00
BDS x oxygen
Los One x Cyclops
02/09, 18h00
Astral is x Cyclops
Los One x BDS
10/02, 21h00
Astral is x Los One
Oxygen x Cyclops
11/02, 18h00
Los One x Oxygen
BDS x astral is

Group D Games

07/02, 21h00
Dark zero x Heroic
M80 x Do CLAN
02/08, 18h00
Dark zero x Do Clan
Team Secret x Heroic
02/09, 21h00
M80 x heroic
Team Secret x Dark zero
10/02, 18h00
M80 x Team Secret
11/02, 21h00
Team Secret x Do CLAN
Dark zero x M80

Playoff calendars and calendars (to be defined)

Transmission in Portuguese

  • R6esports-twitch
  • R6esports2-Twitch
  • Rainbow Six ESports asil-Youtube

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