How Riot Games Could Change League of Legends For The Better With A Small Twist

Over the years, League of Legends has changed greatly in terms of graphics, playability and user interfaces.
The selection of champions has undergone several image changes in more than a decade, the most important of which took place in 2017. It is this version that is still currently in the client.
The interface had been renewed and filters had been added per position (and no longer by class).
However, some invokes believe that improvements can still be made, and do not hesitate to share their ideas in the most famous community forum, Reddit.

A small improvement that will rejoice many invokes

The idea proposed by Bass is strongly simple but very interesting: I would like there to be a random-looking button, since some champions have many skins and I would like some random variation. I usually move a skin to the right in each new game, but
Some champions have too many skins, so jumping between your 2 or 3 skins from MF, Real, Ashe, Lux, Rye or Blitz, is very annoying. Hiding those you don’t have would be fine.
It is true that, on paper, the improvement seems minimal, but it would facilitate the life of the players a bit.
The player also pointed out that some characters, many of them always come out that they will get another aspect, have an infinity of skins.
With a number of champions that have 15 aspects or more, such as Lux, Real and Miss Fortune, it would make a lot of sense for developers to implement this change.
This would enrich the champions’ selection phase, which usually lasts for a few minutes and is not the most exciting.
As for the option to hide the masks that you do not have, it would allow you to review more quickly those that you have in your inventory-but you would also do without admiring the ones you can never get because they are not available at any time.

It is possible that this characteristic is not to the liking of Riot Games, since the previous views can be seen as advertising of them and, therefore, they push it to buy them (or at least tempt them).


Of course, it would be functions that you could activate/deactivate at will.
Therefore, you can always, if you wish, have access to all aspects and even fall in love with one of them at the last moment.

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