Sony Refuses to Cut Production of PSVR2 Despite Lower Than Expected Sales

As is already known, within a few more days the PSVR2 will arrive officially, new virtual reality hardware for PlayStation 5 that is committed to bringing more immersive titles thanks to its controls and screen.
And speaking of this, it had been mentioned that Sony would have reduced the production of the device, but they have already come out to respond to this.
The company told media like that is realizing the enthusiasm of Plays
Call attention, many being indie launches.
The initial report said that Sony was making a significant reduction in its projections for PlayStation VR 2, it even warned the supplier partners that manufacturing could also decrease.
But now with the new statements, it is possible that they will continue to see those two million that had already been initially mentioned.
Certainly, Horizon: Call of the Mountain can be the application that demonstrates the potential of the device, but that has not yet attracted the attention of players who want to try something ambitious.


In fact, it was thought that Half-Life Alex was one of the games that were going to move, but there has been no talk of talks with Valve.
Via: Games industry
Editor’s Note: Many of these devices will certainly be sold, unless a video game is offered in new advances that really attracts attention.
However, we will have to wait for that moment.

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