The Complete Guide for Druide Restauration Raid in Wow: Heal

Are you a WoW player looking for the ultimate guide to becoming a successful Druid Restoration Healer? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know, from talents and consumables to stats and strategies that will help you become a top-notch healer in Dragon flight raids.

Searching for a total guide for the Druid Restoration of Wow in order to Heal en Raid on Dragon flight?
Discover our guide presenting the finest talents with a complete tree, consumables and the statistics to favor to perform well in raid with your Druid Heal.
Update: Tuesday, December 20.

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Skill Guide to Dragon flight Druid

These talents are advised for fairly classic use in raid.
The code to import talents into play bkgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqssisjssukwsebscaaaaaaaaaaaagmqiackqijbjshkwscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Concerning the skills of druid catering, some modifications are possible:

in the general part of Large de Talents

  • During fights where it would be made complex to have all your allies within reach, you can choose celestial impact.
    To do this, you will have to customize several skill points.
    Hence, roar, protector and impulse will leave their location to the form of Selenium and impact.
    You have a point that you can spend either on a rush or on renewal.

in the repair part of Large de Talents

  • If some fights do not enable you to delight in inner peace, it is possible to take green in place.

Statistics to prefer in druid catering

Our hierarchy of secondary stats for a druid catering in raid takes into account using skills listed at the top of this guide.
The values evolve according to your equipment in addition to the content.
Keep in mind that for a Head, the Dob jet level is usually the most crucial considering that this conditions the total Intelligence, the greatest stat in this position.
Otherwise, rush is the primary stat considering that it allows the number of ticks of your hots, to decrease your casting time along with your GCD.

Dob jet level > Hurry > Masters > Versatility = Critique

Note that we recommend Utilize software application like AIRCRAFT, RAINBOWS or HE LIVE in order to check part per piece, point per point, the gain in DPS according to your equipment.
If expertises have relatively clear discrepancies between the secondary statistics, this is not always the case and all things is different.
Hence, your outcomes will be more exact utilizing a simulation tool to compare.

Bewitches for druid catering

The magics allow your statistics to be eliminated (see above) and total, increase the effectiveness of your character.
It is recommended to include just on the parts you prepare to keep a minimum.
In addition, know that it is possible to change one enchantment with another, but you will lose the.
CAPE: puncture + PDV every 5sec
Upper body: All Carey or Intel and MANA
Brossard: puncture
Pants: temporal bewitched thread
Boots: Endurance
Rings: Hate
Weapon: Sofia direction

Consumables for Dragon flight Druid

In terms of consumables to be used in druid catering in raid, a Denture part depend upon the level in which you progress in raid.
Thus, in typical, it is normally not essential to have premium consumables.
On the other hand, in heroic and legendary, you will require to utilize fight potions as often as possible along with all the normal essential.
Flags: Flash primary stats
Healing potion: care potion
MANA potion: MANA clarity potion or potion
Burst potion: primary statistics potion
Dame rune: Howling Rune
Food: Grand Banquet or Personal
Gems: Ysémeraude
For the flask (phial in English), the latter lasts only 30 minutes however can be cumulated twice (a total of 1 hour).

Best Ornaments for Druid Repair in Raid

The jewelry that is part of the most vital parts of your character, we suggest two of the finest trinkets as well as two alternatives to them.
Incarnation icon
Pledge of the vocal guard
Pierre Delhi

Druid Restaurant, a great heal in raid on Dragon flight?

At the exit of Dragon flight, the druid catering is the very best of Heal Mid-Tier in raid.
With a competitive HPS and a passive DPS, the druid will be an excellent asset when you have a conference.
In addition, the raid bosses of Extension Dragonfllight synergize extremely well with the gameplay of the Druid Heal.


A great understanding of bosses stays required.
Its capability for care in the long term being low, it will be essential to discover the big damage on your group.

Finally, we will be sorry for that his gifted tree is also restricted, which requires us to spend precious gifted points to look for choices such as Astral influences…
Consequently, the Druid Restoration will be Mon for the very best choices at the launch of season 1 of Dragon flight for Heal in Raid.
For more details, we suggest that you consult our list of the finest classes and specializations in raids on Dragon flight.
Here is our Druid Repair HEAL guide for WoW raids on Dragon flight.
For more guides regarding Dragon fight material, please consult our devoted portal at Wow.

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