New Scandal Shakes The Community: Hogwarts Legacy


It’s been a tumultuous few weeks in the Harry Potter fan community with the announcement of the upcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy. While the anticipation was high, a new tweet from J.K. Rowling has now sparked an outcry amongst those who had been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Read on to find out more about this scandal and what it means for fans of the beloved franchise.

The views of J.K. Rowling have eclipsed the release of Hogwarts Tradition for a very long time.
A tweet from the author now makes sure chaos and protests in the community, which has to ask itself the very same concern once again and once again.

Hogwarts Legacy: J. K. rowling provides scandal

Should fan of hogwarts boycott legacy or not?
Two months before the release of the game, players continue to discuss whether they should disregard the upcoming RPG because of J.K. Rowling Twitter-Tiraden.
The Harry Potter author has already severely harmed her own reputation in the community with trans-hostile declarations and just does not stop with the self-disassembly.
In a new tweet she now assaults a YouTuber who supports a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter community stunned according to Twitter-Fehde

YouTuber and Games journalist Jessie Earl referred to Hogwarts Legacy on Twitter and presented a nuanced method.
She does not wish to make the currently existing books or films from the Harry Potter series Madig or condemn their belongings.
However, in her opinion, the assistance of new jobs such as Hogwarts Legacy would do damage due to the throat-free position.
The author replied to the tweet and, in contrast, waived finer subtleties.
Rowling claims that such a position would be incompatible with even having any product from it.
In an extreme tone, she includes that fans with this opinion would have to set fire to their books and movies in addition to the library, all objects with an owl and their dogs.
Rowling has actually entirely escalated the situation with her statement and made Earl the target, while the tweet likewise transports a good part of self-overestimation.

No marvel that the neighborhood on Reddit does not leave excellent hair in the reaction.
Wow, I could not be able to develop a better example of a straw man deficiency than here.
The individual just stated that it is absolutely great if you enjoyed Harry Potter as children and still have the books and may like it, however that it may be much better not to support brand-new projects.
And Rowling stated ‘No No No, don’t do so affordable, state that you desire to burn puppies. (Reddit user opus_723).
At this point, the Harry Potter franchise is much better understood for transphobia than the actual history. (Reddit user True).
What type of hateful female has ended up being of her. (Reddit user Tyrant mike).
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