HBOs The Last of Us TV Spot Shows Off Clickers and More Threats


If you’re a fan of the popular video game franchise The Last of Us, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new TV spot released by HBO. This spot not only showcases some beloved characters from the game, but it also gives us an exciting look at some terrifying enemies they’ll have to face during their journey!

HBO’s The Last of the United States is just under a month away now, and ahead of that January release, previews of the show are becoming more plentiful. Just today, for example, we got another TV area for The Last of United States following the one launched just a couple of days ago. The last one displayed things like more video footage of Troy Baker who plays Joel in the video games which this more recent television area is everything about the lots of hazards on the planet of The Last of Us.

As discussed previously, sneak peeks like this one are going to end up being that a lot more typical as we move better to the program’s release date. We got a brand-new poster for the series not long back, for example, and we’re beginning to see more interviews with the show runners come out, too. That pattern will likely continue up till and after the show releases on January 15th considering how HBO does its weekly releases, so expect to see plenty more of The Last of Us to accompany the show itself in the coming weeks.

In addition to Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ella, we see a couple of more familiar faces in the sneak peek. The exact same is real for the video revealing Yellow jackets star Melanie Lindsay who’s playing a completely new character for the series, a leader of a group of raiders like the ones foreshadowed in the Television spot.

Aside from its story of human-to-human relationships and what it takes to endure together, the threats of The Last of the United States are basically what comprises the remainder of the story’s formula, so there are no scarcity of ones to highlight in the TV spot revealed below. Infected people, full-blown Clickers, and the human raiders who have actually taken control of various settlements are just a few of the more prominent risks we saw in the games and will see once again in the TV show adjustment.

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