Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Mission Guide For Avid Collectors

During the head of Hearts of Stone, Open Sesame, Gerald will have the opportunity to speak with three rich people.
Each of these individuals has an activity to participate our white hair hero.
One of these activities leads to an additional secondary mission;
Here is a tutorial of the Avid Collector Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone mission if you are looking for any guidance.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Avid Collect Quest tutorial

You can find Armor, the art enthusiast who also participates in the auction, admiring the paintings while everyone expects the auction to begin.

If you approach him and tell him that you do know a little art, he will test you.
There are five paintings on the wall and want you to identify which one was painted by the dear artist who names.
The correct answer is the portrait of the merchant.
He is so amazed that, in fact, you know your art that apologizes and offers you small advice during the auction.
There will be a painting by Van Rough, an emerging artist.
You can buy the paint for a relatively low price and sell it to a man in NORAD who will pay a good rate for her.
After Armor share this information bite, Vivaldi will ask about it.
If you share the information, you will try to overcome your offer, which will make you pay the triple of the price for which you could have obtained it.
If you don’t tell Vivaldi, you can get the picture in question, starry night, for 20 crowns.
That will increase to 60 if you decide to share with your friend.
Once the painting acquires and has finished with this part of the Open Sesame search, go to NORAD, where you can go to the Marcus Hodgson bookstore.
This is the person who dies to acquire that picture.


How much do you want?
Well, he pays you 500 crowns and gives you a relic trophy to place it in Roach for a small advantage.
It is definitely not a small portion of change.
The ability to spend 20 crowns and win 500 great does not appear very often in Hearts of Stone, or in the base game.
Actually, never arrives, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.
That is done by our tutorial of the Avid Collector Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone mission.
To get more guides, tips, tricks, characteristics and information about The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, be sure to consult our wiki.
It is worth noting that we have a complete search guide for Open Sesame if you are interested.
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