Squid Craft Games Coming Out With New Squamar Game

One of the 2022 series without a doubt were the Squid Games of Minecraft.
This event, created by Autoplay, Comanche, Rubies and Calculator with the rest of the developers liked it a lot, since the format was quite similar to that which was reflected in the Netflix series the squid game and which was a success in terms of audience
it means.
It seems that by 2023, the Squid Craft Games will have a second part.
This has been confirmed by the account in its last published video, although we must say that we expected something more serious and not the trolley that we ate practically everyone when listening and seeing what it contained.
With the classic Rick Astley Never Give You Up theme and how memeable it is, a short video was broadcast, which we will show you below with the trailer announcing this event.
Looking in the ads of the ads of the advertisement, you can see how streamers like Boozer are struggling to see an advertisement from which something else expected

An edition with a lot of hype and new tests

This is already to throw a triple, but the safest thing is that there are new evidence to avoid some things that are predictable or that the possible participants of the event prepare it in advance and in this way have an additional advantage that the rest of the participants do not
They would have.


An example could be in the crystal test, which maybe if they decide to maintain the order of dorsal and not the inverse as in the series
What is clear is that emotion, suspense, decisions that can be controversial and play your cards well will be several of the keys for players to touch the success for this next 2023 edition. Will Ollie be able to revalidate the title and
new add the $100,000 or will there be another applicant who can beat it?
When we know the official dates and participants we will see who can be the clear candidates to win.

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