Ashs Voice Actors Break Silence On The Heros Exit

In a major announcement for the anime adaptation of Pokémon, Ash and Pikachu are saying farewell. This is a major change for the series which has been airing on TV for twenty years. A new main character will be featured at some point in the future, with two new voice actors confirmed to take over their roles.

Before this year’s Dive Fest started dropping anime bombshells, Pokémon had a major announcement when it concerned the future of its anime adaptation. After leading the television series for over twenty years, Ash and Pikachu are saying farewell while 2 new fitness instructors are set to show up to help in presenting the new region featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Now, with fans bidding goodbye to Ketchup and his right-hand Mon, both the original English voice for Ash and the existing voice behind Ketchup in Pokémon Journeys shared their ideas on the major change.


Ash’s departure was heavily speculated when the long-running anime protagonist had the ability to do the impossible, beating Leon in the Masters 8 Tournament to end up being the brand-new world champ. With Ketchup and his brand-new pal, Go set to divide methods as the latter deal with continuing his quest to get more information about Mew, Ash will thankfully receive a big finale via eleven brand-new anime episodes that will bring his long journey to a close. While the two new stars set to take over the anime series have been exposed in Like and Roy, there are numerous concerns when it concerns their origins and how Ketchup might contribute in the show’s future.

Old Ash Ketchup Meet The New

Both the original English voice star, Veronica Taylor, and the latest star to take on the function of Ash Ketchup shared their thoughts about the character’s long journey following the news that the Pokémon master would be leaving the series after over twenty years of adventures:

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A major theory that has been making the rounds in the face of this Pokémon change is the concept that the new star of the series, Like, might in reality be the daughter of Ash, meaning that the new season would occur rather sometime after Ketchup’s world champion victory. While nothing has actually been confirmed, fans rallying behind this theory have actually noted that Like’s hairpin certainly appears strikingly familiar to the symbol on Ash’s hat. Must Ash return to the series as an adult, this would certainly enable other characters to make huge comebacks, albeit much older than their present age.

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