15 Locations For The Phasmophobia Cookie Cups Of 2022

Do you have any issues to find all cookie storage locations for those?
Homophobia holiday event 2022?
The developers of Homophobia always bring us amusing occasions on the subject of public holidays.
In this case we get a joyful occasion in which we have to collect biscuits to feed the mind.
Discovering proof and identifying the mind correctly without passing away is challenging enough, however adding cookies to the mix is a small challenge.
But no concern!
We have the locations of all 6 cookies in each of the seven cards of the Homophobia vacation event 2022 to make life a lot easier for them.

All cookie locations for the Homophobia Vacation Occasion 2022

With the Homophobia Holiday Event 2022 you can earn a unique Christmas trophy and a public vacation ID by satisfying the following objectives:
1. Enter every place with a holiday sticker label in the middle difficulty.


  1. Collect the 6 cookies to immediately put them on the plate in your van!
  2. Feed the ghost with biscuits by positioning the plate at the point!
  3. Identify the spirit correctly and vanish!
  4. Have enjoyable with the Holiday 22 badge and the trophy in your collection!


  • Living room: on a small table with a table linen
  • Dining-room: on among the chair seats
  • Workshop: near a red heating unit
  • Kitchen area: next to the sink
  • Hallway on the upper flooring: on a table next to the attic staircase
  • Hallway on the upper flooring: on the chair where Voodoo spawns

Camp Holzbläser

  • Meal camping tent: next to the yellow bowl
  • Yellow camping tent: table next to the door
  • Lover bank: two cookies are on the bench
  • Red camping tent: raise the frying pan to get the biscuit
  • Campfire: on the wood seat with two Stores sticks on it


  • Entrance: on a table next to the Tarot spawn
  • Cooking area: on the kitchen table
  • Dining space: on the table
  • Basement: on a wood table in the corridor
  • Hallway on the upper floor: on the table beside the stairs
  • Corridor on the upper flooring: on the table next to the main bedroom


  • Workshop: on the stool
  • Dining space: on the dining table
  • Major bedroom: on the bathroom sink beside the bed
  • Kindergarten: on a desk behind the phone
  • Bedroom on the upper floor: on a desk behind the radio
  • Kitchen area: on the kitchen area counter beside the workshop door

Ridge view

  • Living space: on the coffee table
  • Hall: discovered on the desk in the space with a computer system
  • Garage: On a shelf at the back with spray cans
  • Youth space: On the chest of drawers
  • Boys’ space: on the computer system table
  • Basement: on the chair on the left when you go into the basement


  • Entrance table: in front of the lamp
  • Kitchen: found on the island
  • Dining room: table on the vase
  • Garage: At a loss tool box, which is the farthest from the door
  • Basement: on the Ouija board table
  • All-purpose space: on the washing maker


  • Garage: on the wood table opposite the door
  • Kitchen area: on a cutting board on the cooking area counter
  • Boys’ room: on the computer table
  • Basement: on the floor next to the left storeroom
  • Living room: on the coffee table
  • Haunt sleeping room: on the little table with a plant

ideas to get ghosts to eat the cookies

Here are ideas for collecting cookies and how to get a ghost to eat the gathered cookies:
You can collect cookies in single or group mode
The spirit will no longer consume the cookies prior to they are all collected.
Attempt not to raise the plate until all 6 cookies have been included
You can only play the card in the middle level of difficulty
Bring the full plate with cookies into the preferred space of the mind to assist him eat
Homophobia is available on the PC through Steam.
– This post was updated on December 15, 2022

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