Buy PS5 on December 16, 2022 in a ticker

The PlayStation 5 is the next generation of gaming consoles from Sony. With a release date in December 2022, gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of the PS5.

Where you can buy a PS5 now, you can learn here in the ticker on Mango.
We will show you the dealerships and offers for PlayStation 5 that are now delivering.
If you can buy a PS5 from MediaMarkt, Amazon and Co, here you can read. Update on December 16 at 8:00 p.m.: Have a nice good early morning to everyone.
The PS5 has been virtually pre-ordered for practically 2 weeks.
All orders that are deserted by December 22, 2022, should be delivered by January 31, 2023, at the newest.
This uses to all getting involved dealers of a large pre-order project that Sony started.
From now on, you will constantly find the existing list of dealers up until December 22nd in the ticker.
Sony delivers regular supplies to Europe, so that all inbound orders can be satisfied by the end of January at the newest.
It is best to take an appearance at MediaMarkt or Saturn if you still desire to put a PS5 under the Christmas tree.
The bundles currently still available should still be found until December 19th.
To be provided.

Obviously, we will likewise keep you up to date by means of other traditional PS5 drops from other dealers.
In addition to pre-ordering the PS5 package, MediaMarkt and Saturn also offer new mobile tariffs.
When a brand-new O2 or Freenet tariff is finished, there is likewise a PS5 package with God of War and Horizon Forbidden West.
With the energy supplier E how easy you can also get a PS5 console.


Anyone who now completes the Meinökotarif can protect a PS5 Disc Edition including EUR 60 PSN credit for simply EUR 199.
E How simple has the rates for your electrical power tariffs recently reduced once again and is now even cheaper in some areas than the basic providers.
Since you likewise get the price assurance, you could truly save with this tariff-even without PS5, due to the fact that then there is a cash perk on top!
It is definitely worth a look.
Where do our details come from?
At Mango we get our information about PS5 sales, drops and rumors from various online forums, discord servers, social media and are always closely in contact with numerous insiders.
We examine every source and the dealers every hour to ensure that we can offer you the best info and uses at any time.
We will always inform you of the latest advancements in updates.
In addition, your remarks in the course of the last waves have actually proven to be very valuable.
Please continue to help and understand us and other readers if possible is the PS5 ends up being available someplace at short notification so that we can include it here in the article.

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