10 Tips To Survive The Holiday 2022 Event In Fasmophobia

Homophobia sometimes launches special festive events where players can interact with unique goals / game modes based on popular world holidays.
The last of these events is associated with popular holidays in December and is called the festival 22 events.
Holiday 22 or 2022 is an event that was added with the inclusion of the Major Tempest update for homophobia.

How to take a Christmas holiday in homophobia

To complete the event holiday in homophobia, you must complete four tasks.
Here’s how to fulfill all the goals in the festive event listed below:
Complete all the investigations of holiday stickers.
-The first requirement for the event Holiday 22 from Homophobia is to go through all the locations with festive stickers at an average level of complexity.
Collecting six cookies-the second requirement for a festive event consists of two parts.
The first task with cookies includes the collection of more than six cookies and placement on a plate.
Refusal of responsibility: Cookies will not appear if the investigation is not included in the average complexity.
Feed ghostly cookies-collecting all six cookies, players should feed their ghost, putting a plate next to him.
This will lead to the fact that the ghost will be included in a special hunting regime.
Identify the ghost and run-the last goal requires that the players correctly identify the ghost and run away alive.

How to go through all the locations of Christmas festive stickers with homophobia

To complete all the locations of the Homophobia festive stickers, you must start and finish the investigation in all seven locations with the sticker.
The image below indicates all the studies that need to be performed:
Tangled drive
Edge field Road
Willow Street
Grafton Farm
Ridge Court
Near the farm
Woodwind camp

where to find cookies in the event Christmas holidays of homophobia

To find all six cookies in the event Holiday 2022 from Homophobia, you must search each room with a plane for cookies.
You can equip a cookie plate using the object key on the plate shown in the location below.


If you do not see this tablet in your current investigation, this is probably due to the fact that complexity setting is not turned on.
Average complexity.
You can change the settings of complexity by choosing the difficulty in the Investigation lobby.
You will also need to find all six cookies on seven different cards.

are the cookies randomly appear in the event Christmas holidays of homophobia?

At the time of writing, festive cookies appear in six unique places on seven cards with festive stickers.
We recommend thoroughly searching for all seven locations of the Holiday Stick with the best flashlights and the power and light on the house.

How to feed a ghost cookie in the event Christmas holidays of homophobia

To feed the ghost with cookies in homophobia, you must put a plate next to the ghost when it is active.
We recommend looking for rooms where it interacts with the environment, for example, turning off the light, throwing the closure of the doors.
Feed the ghost on all seven cards to complete this task.

How to recognize ghosts in homophobia

In order to successfully identify ghosts in homophobia, you must investigate and determine the type of ghost, collecting evidence.
If you need help in identifying ghosts, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the evidence table for homophobia for all types of ghosts.
Having collected enough evidence, you can choose the identity of the ghost in your journal.
Inside your magazine, note all types of evidence that you found and those that you did not find to the evidence tab.
The result should look as shown in the image below, where we only have mining as a possible ghost.
Choose a ghost that seems correct, and you will celebrate it for the current investigation.
Having selected a personality, leave the map and head for the truck, and if the personality is correct, the goal in the event Feast of 22 should be fulfilled.
To find out more about homophobia, we at the Pro Game Guides provided you with such guidelines such as the cheat sheet on phasmophobia-updated!
(December 2022) and how to use EMF Reader for homophobia,

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