How To Defeat Berserker Of God Of War

igade, the fearsome, is one of the first berserkers you can face in God of War Ragnarök.
This enemy is on Alberio Island in the kingdom of Waldheim.
After taking Skinning’s inert fist from a Midgard main mission, go back to the dwarf land and use the item for igade to appear.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the heads that will follow, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all easier levels as well.


A king’s favor is a secondary task that is automatically catches during the main mission The Word of Destiny (made in Midgard).
We explained more about this in the guide below Friend, the fervent.

What equipment do you use against base?

  • Use the weapon you want in this fight, all are viable.
    We often prefer chaos blades, as this boss likes to divert a little, but it is a matter of preference.
  • Remember to buy a stone from the blacksmith’s resurrection, it can make a difference if you die at the end of the fight.
  • This boss is far from easy, but is optional.
    So if you have problems at the beginning of the journey, come back later when you have visited more kingdoms and rates is stronger.
    We advise you to use the following enchantments in your Yggdrasil amulet:
  • Dodge emblem: Increases the scope and speed of the bearing.
    It makes a lot of difference in many struggles, including this.
  • Heavenly Panacea: gives 25% resistance to elements and their diseases.
    You will reduce lightning damage and, above all, will prevent you from being paralyzed very easily.
    This may be the difference between life and death.

igade: List of attacks and how to combat them

This boss may seem difficult at first, but it’s actually much quieter than others that will be found later.
It serves as a training camp for other wizard-type berserkers.
Even if the element changes, the attacks usually remain the same.
Therefore, we advise you to learn to manage almost all skills properly, rather than relying on a Rush DPS (which will no longer be viable later).
Double ball lightning (normal attack): The attack used more often, not just distance.
It is recognizable by the boss’s characteristic position, he moves laterally as he floats, so he sends two projectiles.
You can just block them, but trim them is much more satisfactory as you will send them back, causing damage to begin.
Hero’s landing (red attack): Another attack common to some Berserkers, but is easy to dodge.
igade, the fearsome, jumps vertically and disappears from the screen, so a green area appears on the floor.
Wait a moment and roll to the side so as not to be run over.
Double punch (normal attack): The boss runs to you melee and hits two normal punches.
You can just block, but it is more interesting to divert, especially the second blow, which will destabilize it.

Lightning wave (normal attack): The boss projects a low radius, which will send a line of lightning on the floor toward you.
The easiest way is to block it as dodging is even tiring by the amount of projectiles.
Line of Ray (Red Attack): Easily recognizable by the red circle around the boss, this attack differs from the lightning wave, as the radius will hit the soil toward it.
There is no choice here, it is mandatory to dodge.
Lightning explosion (yellow attack): The boss teleports in front of you and prepares a lightning explosion on your back.
Theoretically, you can divert, but we find time quite treacherous, especially without being able to observe the projectile most of the time.
We advise dodging laterally instead of trying to counterattack.
A quick attack capable of eaking the posture is also viable but less safe.
Quadruple ball lightning (red attack): This is by far the most dangerous attack of this boss.
At least it’s quite easy to predict: Berserker flies, a red circle appears and 4 projectiles shoot at the same time.
They cannot be blocked, and target tracking is incredibly accurate and fast.


This means that dodging or rolling in advance is useless, you will take the projectiles in the face the same way.
The only solution is to divert/roll to the side at the last moment, so they don’t have time to change direction before they reach the ground.
It requires practice, like Thor’s hammer.
Similarly, you can improve your chances approaching the boss, or even being under him, it gives you more opportunities to avoid the balls.

Storm (Red Attack): The boss will launch this technique from time to time.
In appearance, it is similar to the movement of the previous coup, but instead, red areas will emerge on the floor.
You have to run through the area nonstop, preparing to change direction if an area appears in front of you, or even on you.
It lasts a long time as a bonus.
Try to approach the boss at the same time to get him to the landing.
Tip: If you are paralyzed by lightning, you can get out of this state hammering the ball button or activating the Spartan fury.

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