European League of Legends: The Rise of Rogue In 2019

Compensation had the second-most eliminates in the league throughout summer, with a roaring 79 percent of his teams amount to kills throughout the season, according to competitive League stats aggregate Oracles Elixir. During that final series against G2, he really never ever died through the three video games they played, racking up a whopping 24 eliminates and 14 assists en route to his first-ever LEC prize.

His very first entails came at the end of the 2022 LEC Summer Split against Excel Esports, the second entails was picked up against MAD Lions in the occurring playoffs, and the last entails was protected in the very first game of the 2022 LEC Summer Finals versus G2 Esports. His efforts were important to his teams game plan since he supplied them with a strong late-game insurance policy that might battle through any team fight.


Despite the fact that Comps numbers weren’t nearly as outstanding at the 2022 World Champion, Rogue can still be proud to state that they were the only Western group to get approved for the knockout phase at the occasion.

One player likewise increased to a new level this season, with the groups talented AD carry Marks Comp Stamkopoulos ending up being the regions the newest superstar marksman. The 20-year-old dominated the competitors and even caught three out of 4 entails in the league this year.

Throughout this previous year, many European League of Legends fans took a seat and strapped in for Rogues increase to gold and magnificence in the LEC. Since signing up with the league in 2019, the group has actually constantly gone for the stars and missed, but in 2022, the scrappy organization finally broke its curse of constantly coming short after winning the LEC champion.

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The only other LEC player with a entails this year was SK Gaming previous marksman Jazz, who locked down a game-winning five-piece against Misfits Gaming. Ever since, nevertheless, the 22-year-old has left SK and is apparently signing up with Team GO in the LFL.

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