The best vehicles in Warzone 2 – all vehicles are evaluated

Asmara in War zone 2 is a huge map, and an effective intersection of its area is crucial for the release of the match in the final rounds.
Fortunately, vehicles are not uncommon, and players can choose from a wide range of cars, trucks, ATVs and helicopters to get from point A to point B. But the question remains-which one is the best vehicle?
Below is a list ranking each vehicle in Call of Duty: War zone 2 based on their speed, controllability, durability and efficiency of fuel use.

All cars in War zone 2 are ranked

As many players know, vehicles can be found throughout the card in large quantities.
However, if you are struggling to find it, think about going to one of the named POI or to the gas station.
In the latter, you can also refuel and repair your car.
We must also note that this list does not include tanks and vehicles that are exclusively in the demilitarized zone.
Given what has been said, all cars in Call of Duty: War zone 2 are given below, ranked.


ATVs are small four-wheeled vehicles that can usually be found in El Mara.
They are quite capable of overcoming off-road and can transport up to three people, including the driver.
With a full tank, he can drive about 4000 meters before refueling is required.
However, their low damage rating and open-top make them one of the most unsafe vehicles in the game.


Small, fast, copes with his task.
Hatchback is a usually found economy class car that can transport up to four people.

He has no armor, and he is very susceptible to damage.
Due to its average speed and economy, it is better to leave this car in extreme cases.


The truck, also known as Big Berta, is a super-powerful military truck that can transport large personnel.
It is also one of the most stable vehicles when it comes to damage, effectively protecting their passengers.
Nevertheless, in the end, it is quite slow, funny and eats fuel, as if tomorrow will not come.


Boats are less common than ground vehicles, but they can be found at the edges of the map, in places such as the port of Haigh and the Bay of Said.
Boats often have much higher fuel efficiency than ground vehicles, and as a result, players can travel long distances without the need for refueling.
However, the waterways give a limited space for choosing a direction, and players are much more susceptible to damage to boats than on ground or air vehicles.

8-armored patrol boat

Like Rib, an armored patrol boat is a military boat capable of transporting up to four people.
It is equipped with a caliber machine gun. 50 and has an armored coating that absorbs damage and ensures the safety of passengers.
Although he has slightly less fuel efficiency than RIB, his offensive and defensive abilities make it an excellent boat.


A simple civilian SUV without armor for additional protection.
This is one of the most common vehicles in the game, it boasts decent speed and fuel efficiency, which allows it to drive about 3400 meters without refueling.


Nevertheless, its handling leaves much to be desired, and its ratings are quite low.

6-Chop Top

Chop Top can boast of the same fuel economy as an SUV.
It has a very high speed and is great for moving between POI and goals, simultaneously transferring the entire detachment.
Nevertheless, its design with an open-top can lead to the fact that the enemies will apply crushing shots to the head of its passengers, which will make it unsafe at low speeds.


UTV is a light SUV capable of transporting up to four people.
He, of course, is not the best in durability and has a very low damage rating.
Nevertheless, this is one of the fastest vehicles in the game, and it can easily overcome complex slopes.

4-Hammer GMC Hummer is based on a real Hummer electric car from General Motors.

This is the fastest ground vehicle in the game that has a huge acceleration.
Being an electric car, this car practically does not make noise, which makes it ideal for creaking up to unsuspecting enemies.
He also has slightly the best damage ratings than an SUV, and can transport up to four people.


LTV is considered one of the best vehicles in the game.
It boasts a decent speed and has sufficient armor to ensure the safety of passengers even under plump fire.
It is also equipped with a machine gun. 50 CAL installed on top.
However, where he really shines is in terms of the efficiency of fuel use, since it can drive almost 4500 meters without the need for refueling.

2-Light helicopter

Helicopters and helicopters are the rarest vehicles in War zone 2, and they can only be found at such points of interest as the airport, Alabama fortress or port of Hafiz.
Usually they appear on the roofs and have much higher fuel economy than ground vehicles.
These vehicles are the fastest vehicles and can safely transport players over huge distances.
However, Light Held is fragile and may well fall apart from minor damage.

1-heavy grinder

The rarest car in the game is Heavy Chopper.
This is literally flying tank, thanks to an extremely high damage indicator.
One of the most important features of this helicopter is its ability to freeze in the air without a pilot in the cab.
Thus, allowing the detachment to attack from the advantages of the air position.
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