Thomas Müller from FC Bayern holds DFB

A post of the 33-year-old on social networks now sustained new speculations about Müller, who played his 4th World Cup in Qatar.

Regardless of all the experience with excellent success and crashing defeats, I will require a long time this time to be able to classify whatever, said Müller, who had actually looked like a five-way goalscorer eight and a half years back at the effective World Cup in Brazil.

The sting sits completely deeply, felt deeper than usual, wrote the Munich-based business on Instagram.

The Müller, who is otherwise referred to as a speech and quick-witted professional, wishes to take more time this time than in the past with similar defeats in order to think of a possible resignation from the nationwide team.

With the experience of 118 international matches as an old master, Thomas Müller traveled to the World Cup in Qatar, the German nationwide group should run at the World Cup and enter into efficiency. The star games from FC Bayern did not really be successful. Football Germany questions the bitterly wicked initial round: Müller continues in the national group?

WM ended in a complete disaster

A choice regarding whether Müller wants to continue to advise the German nationwide group is still pending.


Due to the adjustable performance and the lots of secondary locations, a final assessment of the competition appearances this year is more tough.

The initial Bavarian extended world-class services at the 2010 and 2014 World Championships and accomplished a total of 10 tournament gates. In 2018 and 2022, he was among numerous dissatisfaction in the DFB group sang and soundlessly with the German choice.

How are the services and results to be evaluated? Asked Müller himself without having actually discovered an answer up until now.

The Bavaria star composed of a wave pool of sensations, which ended in the full catastrophe by leaving group E versus Spain, Japan and Costa Rica.

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