Codes of the Magnata car dealerships (December 2022) – renewal of hyperdileism!

Car Dealership Tycoon is your car game All in one in Roblox.
You can create your own dealer center, buy fashionable cars for collecting and even participate in races on them and earn money!
There is even a whole city that can be explored, so jump into your coolest car and explore the city.
If you are looking for a freebie, you can find it using our Tycoon Codes.
We have a complete overview of all the latest codes that are active and work right now.
If you do not know how to activate codes in Car Dealership Tycoon, you can find out how to do this, under the list of codes!
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Tycoon car dealership codes
The last codes
Extensible codes
Frequently asked questions about Tycoon car dealership
How to use codes?
How to get more codes?
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codes of Tycoon car dealerships

the last codes

  • Hyperdileler-50,000 dollars of intrastate money (novelty)
  • Freetruck-Free Monster Jam truck
  • Details comprehensive complexes-50,000 in cash
  • Bodykites-50,000 in cash
  • Season 1-50,000 in cash
  • ATV-50,000 in cash
  • Rally-50,000 in cash
  • 1000000000-100,000 in cash
  • Interiors-50,000 in cash
  • Newbarn-50,000 in cash
  • Twitter50K-50,000 in cash
  • Crimes-50,000 in cash
  • 4 years-50,000 in cash
  • Barnfind-50,000 in cash
  • 900 m posts-90,000 in cash
  • Tstingrey-25,000 in cash
  • Foxzi-15,000 in cash
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Extensity codes

  • 450Klaiks-$ 45,000 in cash
  • 350Klaiki-50,000 dollars in cash
  • 500 m posts-$ 50,000 in cash
  • July 2021-$ 30,000 in cash
  • Summer 2021-35,000 dollars in cash
  • Twitter10k-$ 25,000
  • 250 thousand likes-40,000 US dollars
  • 400 m Posts-40,000 US dollars
  • Twitter8k-$ 25,000
  • Striterate-35,000 US dollars
  • 50 K subscribers-50,000 US dollars
  • fingers up-35,000 US dollars
  • Tstingrey100K-$ 100,000
  • Old school-$ 25,000
  • Classic-30,000 US dollars
  • 300 miles per hour±30,000 US dollars
  • 70 years-25,000 US dollars
  • Bywinter-$ 25,000
  • Hypercarbia 25,000
  • Twitter5K-$ 5,000
  • 35ksubs-35,000 US dollars
  • 300 m Posts-30,000 US dollars
  • Ice charger-$ 25,000
  • Spiketires-$ 30,000
  • Ice-haired-30,000 US dollars
  • 250MSSIAS-25,000 US dollars
  • Year2021-25,000 US dollars
  • Christmas 2020-25,000 US dollars
  • Happy holidays-$ 25,000
  • Winter season-$ 25,000
  • 1 million members-30,000 US dollars
  • 200 m posts-30,000 US dollars
  • New update-$ 25,000
  • YouTub25k-$ 25,000

Frequently asked questions about Tycoon Auto Show

How to use codes?

To repay the codes in Car Dealership Tycoon, go into the game and select the location of your dealership.


As soon as you find yourself in your dealer center, look at the upper part of the screen to find the gear button next to the total amount of cash.
Click on it to open the settings.
At the bottom of the menu you should see the area of the codes.
Copy one of the codes from our list, insert it into the field and click the sign +button to get a reward!
1. Open the Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon on your PC or mobile device.

  1. Click on the gear of the settings at the top of the screen next to the total amount of money.
  2. Copy the code from our list
  3. Insert it into the text field Enter the code.
  4. Press the +button to get a reward
    Tell us if any of the codes does not work, and we will update the list as soon as possible!

How to get more codes?

The best way to track new codes as soon as they appear is to follow Fox on Twitter!
They are the creators of the game, so any codes that come out must be placed there.
We will also update this post as soon as new codes appear!

These are all the codes that we have now listed for Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon.
If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!
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