New art makes Naruto young like a character from Boruto

Years ago ended one of the most important shōnen today, Naruto, which had a divided end but that despite everything gave fans what they were looking for. And the current series, Boru to, has tried to continue hooking the new public as well as the ancients, and a new fan art reflects nostalgia for the first season.

In Internet forums, the users known as phenico90 developed two arts that return life to Naruto and Leisure, the main protagonists of the original story they made to fans argue for their favorite. And precisely in this drawing we appreciate their young versions, only with clothing designs that puts them as if they had been created for Boru to.

Here you can see it:

Naruto and Leisure if they make the debut in the Boru to Generation. From Boru to

It is worth mentioning that in the Boru to series you can rarely see both, since they are now ninjas with more occupations, in addition to the focus of attention is the new generation. However, it is known very well that Leisure is fulfilling Sonora’s secret missions, and Naruto is working with the position of his dreams, being Homage.


For now Naruto manga has not reached its conclusion.

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: See the arts gives me a lot of nostalgia, since I literally grew up seeing the series while the oven chapters came out. Of course, the part that most detest was the filling that got to wait for the manga to take many steps forward.

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