The secret of the Naruto Surgaejeon series containing plenty of Annie


  • Topic: How to successfully produce Japanese animation-based games

  • Lecturer: Hiroshi Matsuyama-Cyber Connect 2 / CEO

  • Field: Development

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 16:00 ~ 16:50

  • Summary: Hiroshi Matsubara, known as the master of Japanese examinations, focuses on the ‘Naruto Surgeon’ series, which is popular with the characteristics of the original.
    He and Cyber Connect 2, which had been kept for a long time, the concerns contained, and the various episodes that they had experienced, were short and long if they were short and long.

■ Lecture Prologue -Cyber Connect 2, I am a company like this
Hiroshi Matsubara introduced a company called Cyber Connect 2, before his full-fledged lecture. There are two things that Cyber Connect 2 differ from other game companies in other Japanese game companies, first of which do not deal with mobile games at all. For that reason, Matsubara said, ‘I don’t like it.’ Cyber Connect 2 focuses only on Matsubara’s favorite Nintendo and PS.

The second difference is in the content of the game you are developing. Cyber Connect 2 is developing a game based on boy cartoons and animations, as we know. In addition to their representative Naruto Shipping Series, Tojo’s bizarre adventure, Dragon Ball Z, including the latest dear blade.

Matsubara’s lingering comment ended last that Cyber Connect 2’s game has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

■ Preliminary inspection system -developers, as well as publishers, broadcasting stations, and the original author
Prior to explaining the process of gaming Japanese animations based on the Naruto Flag Series, Matsubara organized the rights’ relationship. There is a copyright in the animation. The boy cartoon is based on the boy jump, and the change to TV animation was first made. Cyber Connect 2 then made it a game.

Because of this soy, Japanese anime-based games should be done in a slower story than the original. The system that manages it is also built.

For example, the Naruto Surge Series, for example, was the top of the system, Marathi Hashimoto, the original writer. Next is the production committee consisting of publishers, broadcasting stations and anime production studio. Their approval is Banzai Name, and Cyber Cutter 2 is the next step. Cyber Connect 2 is a game of Naruto, receiving orders from Banzai NAMC. Cyber Cut 2 will be shared with the production committee and the original author through Banzai NAMC when delivering a plan to Banzai NAMC.

The inspection of this process also applies to game scripts. The production committee and the original author also add a red pen with a red pen directly on the planning book or game script of Cyber Connect 2. Cyber Connect 2, which confirmed this, is followed by the process of modifying the game script accordingly. Game Cont is also delivered to the animation director after production and goes through the feedback process.

This process takes about three to five years. Dragon Ball Z was longer than the Naruto series or the blades of despair.

■ Make animation into games -Cyber Connect 20,000 different points of ‘super anime’
Matsubara took three things as the reason why the series was very popular, taking the Naruto Surge series as an example.

The first is the popularity of the original. The original animation is so famous that users can buy the game just by looking at the title Naruto. Cyber Connect 2 tried to make it possible for users to set up their favorite characters. One of the goals was to play not only the characters in the original but also the less weighted characters.

The second is to connect with the above, which was the story of the story properly to continue the famous of the original. At the same time, there was a slight difference. If you simply want to know the story, you could read or watch the original. He explained that it was necessary for users to work to experience more emotionally richer stories. It was essential to check how well the elements of the game are fused with the original. Finally, the users gave strength in online mode to keep us tired or tired even if they played games for a long time.

Matsubara then explained the four stages that went through the development of the Naruto Surprise Series. Design, production, supervision, and completion.

First, I explained the design. Cyber Connect 2 first created a concept sheet for each character when making a character. Based on this, we created approximately 10 patterns and conceived each motion one by 1. One employee is responsible for one character, and when he is approved after writing a motion cont is, he started to start the production of 3D motion-based characters.

Now we start the actual production process. This stage is similar to the process of other game companies in common, Matsubara explained. Cyber Connect 2 also follows a series of processes that start with modeling.

The supervision process that Matsubara emphasized from the beginning is here. Inspection and feedback on the manufactured ones are held once a week. The production committee people gathered in the conference room to start checking. In the past, one horizontal line was missing in the armor of the character, and the production committee found and modified it. In fact, there was a long horizontal string in the middle of the armor. This is an extreme example, in reality the process of finding elements that are contrary to the original story, background, and concept, and informing Cyber Connect 2.

When the development enters the completion stage, the company monitor and outside monitor process are followed. The in-house monitor is literally a team member other than the Naruto Surges Team. If you get a satisfactory response here, the outside monitor is followed. This is a process of feedback from various people, including students in Fukuoka, with external partners and two heads of cyber connect. As the boy cartoon is the original, Matsubara explained that not only adults but also young children’s feedback is important.

Since then, Matsuda emphasized the technique of ‘super animation’. This is a number of devices to express the characteristics of Japanese anime, and Matsubara summarizes that it is to disassemble the animation technology and produce it as CG. There were six components here.

First, there is a face animation. There are a few shames that make up the face of a person. In Cyber Connect 2, this axis was divided into three. Through this, the facial movement was divided so that the character could be used freely by making the character wide open. He also explained that the facial expression is expressed through wrinkles, which may be added or hidden if it is not necessary.

Next is joint movement. The characters of the Naruto Silgungjeon often have a posture that can hardly be taken when humans wield their arms or legs, because they have a more segmented joint structure than the actual human joints. This makes it possible to express more thrilling motion. In fact, he succeeded in implementing several movements that can only be expressed in animation.

The third was a technology called Super Paper. Like this, this is a comic-based production method, which means that the hands and feet suddenly make it look big on the screen. This made it more sophisticated in the battle scene. In a similar context, ghost blur technology was also explained. This is originally an animated term, but it was also used for game production in Cyber Connect 2. When the character moves quickly, the blur effect is added to make the movement of legs and arms look faster.

In addition, the animation technique was also added to the game screen itself. The technology named dramatic anime expression means that the screen expression suddenly changes with touch such as watercolor. Using the post-end filter technique, it was also possible to make a dramatic expression by hanging a certain filter on the entire screen in the battle scene.

Lastly, Matsubara introduced the episodes from the feedback process with the production committee. After a long work, a special relationship was formed, and the original author, Marathi Hashimoto, said that he designed the original character and suggested an idea.

For example, Katsuki members revealed the actual won, saying they drew their own hands and sent them to fax before joining the group. In addition, Mecca Naruto, who is already well known to users, was also the idea of Hashimoto Marathi. Cyber Connect 2 tried to make them the most playable character. On the contrary, Cyber Cutter 2 added that even if you deliver an idea about the original character, it will go through feedback and troubles.

■ Q & A of Q & A-The criteria for selecting a work to game are…
Next, after the end of the lecture, Hiroshi Matsubara was some excerpt from the audience’s questions.

Q. Do you have a special criterion for selecting a work when you want to produce a game based on Japanese animation?
-In fact, it’s not just popular and so-called works. Now, even though it is less, we have selected works that are likely to be popular in the near future, and we have suggested that we are gaming. It is a blade series of desperation. When the original blade was produced, we first made a game on Banzai Name. However, the answer that came back at that time was ‘timely mutual’. The blade of the despair was a big hit at the same time. Then, discussions on full-fledged game shoes began.

Of course, it is not necessarily that the game starts quickly before the original is popular. The important thing is that it is important to give us the confidence that we are perfect if we leave the game. For reference, I have seen all the pages of boy jumping so far. If you have a prominent work while drawing, you will check it.

Q. The six animation expressions mentioned above were impressive. Can you explain in more detail?
-First started with about 30 people. Since then, it has been in charge of internally for about two years, but it has gradually increased. It was also helped by suppliers. Then I created a RND professional department. Dragon Ball Z and Tojo’s bizarre adventure and desperate blade series are all similar balls

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