The official announcement of the town planning game GOURDLETS for just watching. Seeing the following days without cash flow or disaster countermeasures

Developer Auntygames officially announced GOURMETS on November 16. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/ It has been developed for a long time, but it has been officially unveiled.

GOURMETS is a town-built sandbox game. Players organize the terrain and create a city. Build a house, place decorations, or install a field. Design the city freely. Create the city and look at it as you like. Yes, this work has no goals in the first place, and there is no point or concept of money. It’s just a game to look at the city you made.

In this work, there is a character that looks like a bulb. They are like a new inhabitant who has moved to the city. You can see the days they live in the city they have created. There are a wide range of things that can be installed. There are a wide range of houses, such as flower beds and trees. As for ground tiles, there are a variety of colors. Each of these objects is colored in dot paintings.


Residents react to these objects. If you have a chair, sit down, fish if you have a water area, and water when you see the flowers. Enjoying these cute reactions seems to be the real pleasure of this work. In addition, there are concepts for day and night and seasonal concepts, and you can enjoy the change of such landscape. As mentioned above, this work has no concept of money. All-you-can-decorate houses are all-you-can-eat. Without restrictions, there is no sense of tension or achievement, but it is a game that enjoys the looseness that is not tied.

In ITCH.IO, the demo version of this work is distributed. You can play on the browser. Residents are somewhat lonely, such as not responding to the objects set up, but they will be able to grasp the world view and system of this work.

GOURMETS will be distributed to PC (Steam/

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