Naruto Shippuden: All arches and anime stuffing to see the series and not die in the attempt

After the adventure that Naruto was, it is likely that many of you want to venture Naruto Shipped, the anime that follows just after and that all the adventure of the young Shinobi tells becoming Homage. As with the first part of it, seeing it can become a true odyssey if we do not know exactly the corresponding chapters.


And if the first anime you thought there was too much stuffed, Shipped follows the same path or even worse, unfortunately. Even so, we believe that it is worth seeing Naruto’s trip without having to eat any of these chapters. While the first part was focused on action, this second half will have much more narrative and especially emotional weight.

As we mentioned in the Naruto filling, this work is enjoyed both to see it written and in a sleeve-shaped manner to see it with a good anime-shaped soundtrack. Next, you will see all the arches and sagas that you can enjoy, including the filling of the red-color anime so that you decide yourself whether to see it or not.

Mission of the Average rescue

The long-awaited reunion

Katsuki subjugation mission

The teacher’s promise and revenge

The two saviors

Meeting of the Five Ages

Fourth World War Shinobi

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