New information such as three types of play styles, such as the FF rhythm game Seatrism Final Bar Line, which features a total of 104 characters from the series

Square Enix has released new information about the Centrism Final Arline for Nintendo Switch/PS4.


This work is a title announced as the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy, and it is a rhythm action game that can play various songs that appeared in the series with simple operation. There are 385 songs recorded in the game. In the deluxe version, 27 songs are added, and the total number of songs will reach 502 songs, including 90 songs added in DLC after the release.

Music Select

Mode where you can freely play the released songs

Let’s play the song freely to update the best score!

Supplementary information

Even if the number of songs increases, it is easy to find the song because the sort function can be arranged in the order of the series and the song name order.


All songs can be played in three types of styles!

Standard style

The basic style of this work that can be played with standard button operation.

Pair style

A style where you can play together on one screen with two people who are there. In BMS and FMS, you can play the upper and lower lanes, and in EMS, you can play the left and right lanes by two people.

Simple style

A simple style that can be played with just one button.


Profile is a profile card with various play records. You can customize illustrations and bass designs to your liking. Edit, make your own profiler, and replace it with other players!

Supplementary information

You can set a summoning stone in the profiler. After the multi-battle match, you can replace the set profile to give the summoning stone to the opponent.
The summoning stone will not be gone even if you give it to the other party.

Character and Party formation

A total of 104 characters appeared from the FF series!

The character is available in the series of Series Quest in the series, and you can get the enemy character by clearing the last stage of each series!

Centrism Final Bar Line will be released on February 16, 2023, for Nintendo Switch/PS4.

  • The screen is under development.

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