Twitch: Why has Rubius and many other streamers be banned? Sonic Frontiers is to blame

Yesterday, the streaming_twitch platform went crazy in terms of many Streamers, which have run out of their channel due to a huge misunderstanding. There are many ways to receive a _ban from Amazon, but until now we had never seen one that was so crazy and unexpected due to the situation.


And it is that great content creators such as Rubies or Eric Rod have seen their work disappear because of nothing more and nothing less than Sonic, the hedgehog . Many will ask why they have been banned because of this famous video game character, and the answer is simple while complex: there was a misunderstanding with the embargo dates to make content about the last game of the hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers leaves several streamers without twitch

It has been thanks to Eric Rod, streamer who also carries the legends and video games channel, where we have been able to discover the failure with Sonic Frontiers. It turns out that the embargo rose on November 7 at 3:00 p.m. With anticipated access they already had the right to be able to seize the title of SEGA.

And not only was the date and time mentioned above, but also the own company that carried the sales part and distribution of keys of the game explained that could play without problems and broadcast the game Without any restriction. Even so, both Eric and Rubies and many others streamers around the world were Barbados of Twitch for a misunderstanding with the seizure dates that Sega itself administered.

However, a few hours later they regular and Twitch realized that it was not a problem of the content creators of its platform but of the distributor that had misunderstood the embargo times. This is how several streamers were banished for hours and without any reason because of a hedgehog and his last title.

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