Netflix will produce the adaptation to the small and big screen of the Gears of War saga

The Gears of War franchise is Netflix’s new bet in collaboration with The Coalition, its current responsible. The producer confirms that they work in a real action film, which will be accompanied shortly after by an adult animation series . If it works, they promise that there will be more stories.

we can read in The Hollywood Reporter, neither the film nor the series still have director or producers , so we are in a very early phe of this plan. The date chosen for the announcement is not accidental: a day like today 16 years ago the first delivery of the franchise w officially published, which debuted under the seal of Epic Games such the third-person shooter that would revolutionize the genre. The rest is history, especially for the Xbox division.

When is the Gears saga?

We must remember that the name of the franchise turned from the fifth numbered installment, which left ide the ‘of War’ of the title. He did it at a time of renewal for the formula, which embraced the concept of open world at several of its levels, which acted links for the rest of traditional missions. That is three years ago. In this house he achieved a rating of 8.7 out of 10. Have you not played Gears 5 yet? You can find it at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC; included in all Game Ps modalities.

Little is known about the future of the franchise. The Coalition showed in a job offer in the year 2021 that worked on a new IP of which it h not transcended information. Since then, we have known two projects a technical demo. The first w The Matrix Awakens, a playable demonstration of Unreal Engine 5 capacities in new generation consoles. The second, on the other hand, did the same with a more personal stamp. The cavern w called and demonstrated the benefits of the engine in Xbox Series X.

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