LOL: Meet Netshoes Miners, a team that plays the IGNIS CUP playoffs

GNIS Cup, the first female League of Legends tournament organized by Riot Games, has begun. After two Goddess Cup qualifiers, eight teams reached the playoffs and are in dispute for the awards of $80,000 from the tournament. One of the teams that plays in this knockout phase is Net shoes Miners, which competes in the championship semifinals on Thursday (3). It is worth remembering that the grand final will be played on November 12, in person in São Paulo.

This is a very important initiative and expected by the female scenario as a whole, which welcomes cis, trans, transvestites and non-binary people. In this way, this part of the community can accumulate competitive experience in a safe scenario and gain autonomy so that in the future it can also compete in mixed tournaments and have already done as Harm, Liz, Miss, ARI, among others in the League of Legends. Check out all about Pain Gaming below.

Miners line-up at IGN IS CUP

Top: unei Aka Kimono | She/hers

Huntress: July July Stoup

Mao: Victory Vicar Ribeiro | She/hers

Throw: Victoria Cumin Filches

Support: Diana Helping Niclussi | She/hers

Technician: Diego Sepsis Calendar

Coach: Eduardo Moran Cornea

In an interview with MGG azil , Cumin, Vicar, Aka and Feline answered the questions sent by the report:

How did your interest in LOL’s competitive scenario emerged? How long have you participated in tournaments?

CUMIN: It came up after seeing CLS, which was one of the first tournaments here in Chile. The team game seemed interesting to me and I wanted to do that too.
VICAR: I started playing in In House Jinx and people told me that I was good and should start to compete. Then I ended up going in the joke, enjoying it and I climbed a lot. I participated in some camps about 7 months ago.
ALASKA: I initially had no interest, but an invitation came up in early 2021 and ended up falling in love.
Helping: It was probably there in 2015, watching Pain win the CBOL final. With that indescribable emotion, but only later I started playing LOL. I participate since 2019 playing university tournaments and this year I finally had my chance.

How was the process of setting up the team?

CUMIN: I did a lot of Tryouts, but I didn’t get to anything up to two days before the championship, when Miners chose me. I feel luckily, because Miners Roster is very strong.
Helping: I was very happy when Miners called me to a tryout. I had no other proposal at the time and most of my friends already had, I was kind of sad for it. Fortunately the invitation came to me, and I was lucky to be able to play next to my best friend. The others I didn’t know, but it was a lot of fun to know them, we got along very well.

How was the experience of going through the qualifiers and reaching the playoffs?

CUMIN: It was fun and difficult, for me, it is something new to be with my azilian companions and I feel that we show a good level in the qualifiers.
VICAR: It was very cool, it is great to know that I have capacity and that I can, even self sabotage many times, but the main thing is to have passed with the people I like. It’s great to grow, But it is even better to be growing up with your friends on the side, it gives huge security.
Helping: A very good experience, but it could have been better. I think we lost very early, and we didn’t show ourselves. Now in the final stretch it’s time to show who we really are. This final stretch seems to be very good, teams Very strong in all the clashes, I think it’s well disputed, but I prefer to focus especially on Pain. We have faced each other twice before, I want to face again and win.

What are your expectations for teams? Which teams do you find stronger?

CUMIN: I feel that most teams have a similar level and sometimes everything can happen in games.
VICAR: I think we are very confident, well focused on correcting our mistakes and improving to get back even stronger for GNIS. I believe the strongest team is Pain. We had a little difficulty. To play against it, but I think we can fix what we missed the first few times.

LOL’s female competitive scenario has had other important moments before, but this is the first time Riot Games itself organizes something official. How do you see this moment of the scenario?

CUMIN: I see it’s something that was missing. It was noted that there are many good girls and waiting for this opportunity, the scene is strong and will continue to grow because everyone wants to win.
VICAR: I see as a big step. It is very important to be encouraging this niche of lol, which usually suffers more in the games in terms of toxicity. Happy seeing people managing to gain their space, I think this championship will not only give the girls’ visibility, but also open the door to others who are afraid, or if sabotaging and other things… I know how hard it is, especially For us from the LGBT community, so much to think that we deserve this place, and to think that we will become a joke if it appears, and it is important to show that this is not true. I hope all girls, trans girls and non-binary people can Have a good championship without worrying about these things that affect our psychological.
aka: I find it very important, especially for this reason that has already been said. Riot organizing something official allows new girls to be placed in organizations to play the championship and also allow new participants to emerge, and not only Those who played the previous championships. It also helps in the representativeness of trans and non-binary people to the LOL audience who is not very used to these issues. It’s something that will probably only grow, as there will be other editions.
Helping: I didn’t follow much before, but I always scratched my head not seeing women in the competitive, and now we are finally having this chance, both cis and trans girls and non-binary people. Now it’s the time to enjoy it hard and show what we are capable.

How was the team preparation for playoffs?

CUMIN: We prepare by emphasizing draft and communication.
VICAR: It’s being fun, as much as we are constantly trying to improve. It’s always very light, some games, a bigger freedom besides the goal picks, so it’s being very light, and I believe that very productive. It reflects both the whole and the ground, it is great to see this progression.
ALASKA: We have trained a lot, and we are learning to deal with pre-game anxiety.
Helping: At least for me, it’s being quite intense. I’m not in my best mental phase, I come to make a lot of mistakes, my coaches are charging me a lot, and I’m also charging me, but I believe we are prepared.


The tournament playoffs, which take place from 5 pm, and the grand final, at 2 pm, will be officially oadcast on CBOL channels on Twitch and YouTube.

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